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Ceferin: Fans could attend Champions League final!

Ceferin Fans could attend Champions League final!

UEFA announced the new dates for the rest of the Europa League, Champions League, and the Euro yesterday!

The tournaments will be held in mini version with the scheduling of the Europa League and the Champions League slotted in August. This is a great recovery for a season that one point was thought to be doomed.

Ceferin, the UEFA president is further hopeful that given the improving conditions in Europe, the situation will not only get better for matches to be played but also for fans to attend them.

“If I would answer today, then we don’t think we can have spectators at the Europa League and Champions League quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals,” he said.

“But things are changing. Theoretically, a month ago I couldn’t even answer if we could play the competition. Now we will play it, hopefully.

“We haven’t decided yet about no spectators or spectators because we will assess the situation at the beginning of July and then we will see what the situation will be.

“It would be incompetent for us if we were to decide in advance about a situation that is so unsure at this moment.

“We don’t know if only the local fans, if no fans or even the fans from different clubs can travel to the venue.

“The beginning of the Champions League final eight is almost two months from now. Remember what the situation was in Europe two months ago. Things are changing, we have to wait but we will decide, of course, before the draw.”

“We think there is still a bit of time to understand the situation about travelling, boarders and quarantine, etcetera before we need to know where they will be played,” UEFA’s deputy secretary general Giorgio Marchetti said.

“In principle, these are return matches – not like the quarters and semis, which have been decided to be played over one leg.”


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