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#WengerOut: Arsene Wenger should be sacked now and here’s why


For the last 20 years Arsene Wenger has managed Arsenal, but there comes a time when a manager can start doing more harm than good.

When that time comes, it’s time to leave.

And that time has come for Wenger…

The past 10 years Wenger has failed to win the amount of silverware that a club of Arsenal’s high stature should be wining, it’s actually become quite embarrassing for the Gunners.

Arsenal has failed to win a Premier League trophy for the last 11 years!. This Premier League season was probably their best chance to take it, but once again they let it slip when it most mattered.

Arsene Wenger has been living in a time loop with the same story playing out over and over, and he’s taken the team, the fans and Arsenal’s hope with him, the last few seasons has been a boring repetition of watching them make it to the top of the table in January but then as always, they finish in 4th.

Same script every season.

Wenger Hardly Changes Tactics

Wenger has brought a nice style to the game, however, it’s always the same!

Arsene is stubborn, he doesn’t like to change what he thinks is a ‘winning formula’, that ‘winning formula’ has cost him on many occasions.

Just think about this, Jose Mourinho has Wenger figured out that well that he has never lost a single game against Arsenal in the Premier League.

Wenger’s tactics are so predictable, big teams like Chelsea and Manchester United get the better of them more often than not.


Refuses to invest

While Wenger doesn’t necessarily have to invest in players like other big clubs do, he still fails to fill the gaps desperately needed during the transfer window.

This has caused huge fan backlash, however, Wenger refuses to budge on certain situations.

For instance, Laurent Koscielny has been the most consistent at the back, while Gabriel and Mertesacker have been lacking.

Another area is the striker department, Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott  are fairly good players, but they are not the strikers Arsenal need to be what they want to be.

Wenger not providing the proper support for players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez is ridiculous, it’s always a temporary fix, never long term.

Wenger is out of touch with the game and players ability.

Why So Many Injuries?

While you can’t blame Wenger for injury prone players, he does have a knack for picking them, however, that’s not the real issue.

Wenger hired one of Germany’s physical trainers from the World Cup in 2014, that was the last time he made any changes to staff etc, point being that since then and before that even, there has been so many injuries, but the Gunners boss shows no sense of urgency on the matter, he merely brushes it off as oh well players get injured.

But if so many injuries are happening shouldn’t Arsenal be looking into it? finding some solutions? some new age solutions? new ideas? treatments? etc

Not on Wengers watch.

His lack of care is troublesome and should come into question.

He doesn’t inspire

But what about the invincible team, didn’t he inspire a whole generation of players to rise up and go undefeated?

Somewhat true, When Arsenal went unbeaten in 2003/04, the side had a set of players who knew exactly what it took to win the league. Every single one of them could have easily been named the captain and they never needed a reminder of their goal.

With or without Wenger, this team was going to do it, a rarity.

These players where already pumped, they motivated each other, they even say it in interviews.

Arsenal currently lack leadership, Klopp inspired Liverpool to that 4-3 win over Dortmund, Previous manager Brendan Rodgers would have never got them to do that, Conte has come in and taken Chelsea all the way to the top of the Premier League in his first season with players that were awful last season.

Clear proof Arsenal is lacking the manager to motivate and inspire.

The Gunners have showed on many occasions their lack of desire to win, especially in matches against Manchester United and Swansea this campaign.

Players aren’t motivated or inspired by him, which has become so obvious that it’s turned off players wanting to move to the club.

Not good.

Reality Check

Arsene Wenger said a couple of years back that finishing fourth is like winning a trophy.

However, the reality is that the reason he doesn’t care about finishing 4th is that if you don’t know, finishing fourth earns you an extension to your contract.

Hence why his attitude relaxes once 4th spot is secured.

Despite what he spills to the media, evidence shows he is out of touch, cannot and will not inspire the players.

Giving this man another contract is signing on for more of the same.

It’s time for a change, it’s time to make Arsenal the great club it once was, before Wenger completely destroys its legacy and reputation.

Arsenal need a manager who represents the ambitions of the fans.

It’s time for #WengerOut.

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