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What they won’t tell you about Diego Costa and Antonio Contes ‘Bust-Up’ | The Truth!


Once again the Mainstream Media had everyone fooled.

The subject matter this time was ANOTHER claim  from the Mainstream Media that the Chelsea star had been axed from the Blues squad for their clash with Leicester after a bust-up with Conte.

Not only does it annoy me the Mainstream Media make up lies to get clicks, but, what annoys me more is people still watch or read these sources.

They are blatantly lying to you on a daily basis.

Have you forgotten all the other times the Mainstream Media has pulled this stunt?

It only happened last year in October, the headlines read: Diego Costa and Antonio Conte were involved in furious changing room row after Leicester win.

Which the Club denied and debunked.

And now just as Chelsea Football Club were approaching the game against the Foxes this year what do we have?

Costa and Conte in another Bust-up, only this time it was BEFORE the Leicester City game, strange isn’t it.

Are we looking at a publicity stunt? Mainstream Media Manipulation? Collusion between the clubs and the Mainstream Media or is it simply mind games to throw off the opposition.

Maybe/maybe not

In most cases I would just put it down to good old mind game tactics, However, the past couple of years I’m noticing the Mainstream Media is somewhat involved in these ‘Mind Games’.

Let me explain

The issue I have with all this is the club knows in most cases when a player will not be available for a match, Sometimes well before, not all cases, but I believe in this case it is true.

First the story broke that Conte, a Coach and Costa had a bust up over Diego Costa apparently overplaying a back injury and they disagreed which caused a ‘bust up’.

Then the classic reports come in of offers from other clubs, this time it was China, last time it was Diego Costa’s former club.

See the pattern now? Same sort of thing last October.

Now, the true part of that story is Diego Costa DID in fact suffer a back injury, However, there was no evidence of a bust up AT ALL.

No statement from Costa, his agent, Conte, the other coach, the club or even the dog down the street or the local drunk, NOTHING!

The reason why you saw this story everywhere is because in the Football world when one Mainstream Media outlet reports something, EVERY football website follows suit.

And they don’t even check to see if it’s true or not, they just robotically believe the mainstream media, write it up and serve you the BS.

Not me, I have to have actual solid evidence, statements etc before I bring it to the people, that’s what a REAL journalist does, not these corporate mainstream puppets or wimpy bloggers too scared to take on the liars in the media.

Here’s whats strange about this whole story, one outlet starting reporting about the alleged bust up, and of course as mentioned above, everyone followed suit, even this website did.

After the reports broke, Conte was asked numerous times whether the claims were true about the ‘Bust up’ and the offers from other clubs and he gave a clear answer. did it go unheard?

I find this a little strange, especially when the news eventually broke that Costa was not going to be playing against Leicester City , and when he was asked again after this, Conte clearly gave the answer that Costa had suffered an injury and nothing more.

So why did the mainstream media add more information to the facts? why didn’t they just report the truth?

So you see the problem here,  They already knew about Costa’s back injury, they knew Costa was not playing the match, and they knew the offers from China were fake news, So why not just simply report, ‘Costa is not available for this weekends clash due to a back injury’.

He also went onto say: “I read a lot of speculation about this topic,” he said. “I can say if there are problems, and I repeat if there are problems, I am used in my career to solving the problem in the changing room, not outside or in the press conference, and I repeat if there are problems. I told you the truth.”

Especially when the mainstream media knew straight from Conte what was going on, why start the rumours?

Managers are always complaining about how the media can throw off a players mentality? And in this case its all negative press, cant be good for ones moral.

When asked the same sort of questions  after the match Conte said

“I think before the game I told the truth and I repeat the truth because I like to and I don’t lie.

Diego stopped his training Tuesday because he felt a pain in his back, for this reason he was not available. This is the truth.”

This confirms what I said above, he already knew on Tuesday, Costa would have been checked as soon as he got the injury,

So why didn’t everyone release that information earlier.

Conte added after the game that Diego Costa’s physical condition will be assessed next week to see if he can train, so they knew he couldn’t even train, this would have been evident on Tuesday and it’s a back injury, those are always treated seriously.

But what about the bids from China you say?

Conte answered that AFTER the game as well saying he does not know anything about a bid from China.

Anytime a Chinese Super League team is interested in a player they make it very clear, yet, there is no official statement from any club officially showing interest in Diego Costa.

The whole thing was manipulated so you would click on their articles and make you think there was trouble with Costa and Conte.

But why you ask?

Simple, Click baiting is easy to explain everyone knows what that is, false headlines and when you click, no real story.

But the other reason I believe is during the week while speculation was high and there was an uncertainty about Costa playing, betting odds were changing, a lot of people would have thrown some money on the foxes with the knowledge that Costa was out.

But thats thats nothing compared to the bigger scheme

Then there is the stories that Costa want’s to leave the Blues, same as last year, and if you look around you will see betting agencies have added odds on Costa leaving, so Joe Blow goes and puts money on Costa leaving, then the transfer window comes around and oh what do you know, Costa is not going anywhere and there were…no…bids…for…him…AT ALL!

I’m not saying to never use betting companies or place bets, by all means, go for it, even I place the occasional punt.

Just don’t go placing bets because a pundit wrote a column or when the mainstream media pulls these stunts and has you thinking there is something far more sinister happening when the truth is its simply all a twisted lie.

So there it is, the REAL truth behind this saga, so stop listening to mainstream media, follow me on Twitter here: @SteveMilneNews

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