LIST: Most El Clasico Appearances – Lionel Messi & Sergio Ramos on The List


Most El Clasico Appearances

Most El Clasico Appearances – Lionel Messi on The List

Most player appearances in El Clasico? Which players make the list of the Most El Clasico appearances? Who is the player with most El Clasico appearances? Is it Iniesta? Lionel Messi? Cristiano Ronaldoi? Xavi? Well, let’s quit the guessing and find out in the list below.

”El Clasico” – Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

El Clasico is the biggest rivalry in world football, in fact in the world of sports. The match draws over 500 million viewers around the world making one of the most watched football games in world, so making appearances in this match is a big achievement. Apart from the Champions League final, it is the biggest game in world football.  Originally El Classico matches which were held in the Spanish championship but nowadays it has been generalized to every single match between the two giants. The two clubs are among the richest and the most successful clubs in the world. In 2014, Forbes ranked the two the most valuable clubs in the world.

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Player’s With Most Appearances in El Clasico

The Player with the most El Clasico appearances is tied to three players, Francisco Gento, Manuel Sanchis Martinez and Xavi Hernandez all three tied at 42 appearances for in the Clasico.

Francisco Gento

Francisco Gento is a Spanish footballer who played for Real Madrid from 1953-71, he won six European titles which is the record scoring 30 goals in 89 European appearances for the Los Blancos. The Spanish footballer was renowned for his great speed (Could ran 100 metres in 11 seconds). During his time at Real Madrid he played in 42 El Clasico’s making him the joint record appearances maker, he is also considered as one of the greatest Spanish players ever.

Manuel Sanchis Martinez

Manuel Sanchis played for Real Madrid as a defender from1965-71. He was one of the best defenders during his time as a professional footballer. He played for Real Madrid in 42 El Clasico making him joint player on this list. He played 213 La liga games in the course of ten seasons.

Xavi Hernandez

One of the most recent players to play in the Clasico. Regarded as one of the greatest central midfielders of all time, Xavi is known for his passing abilities and ball control. The Spanish has featured in 42 clasico’s same as Manuel Sanchis and Francisco Gento. Xavi is currently playing the UAE ( United Arab Emirates) following his departure from Barcelona last season.

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Most player appearances in El Clasico list

Here is the list of the most El Clasico appearances. The bolded players are still playing in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Francisco GentoReal Madrid
Manuel Sanchís MartínezReal Madrid
Xavi HernándezBarcelona
Fernando HierroReal Madrid
Raúl GonzálezReal Madrid
Iker CasillasReal Madrid
Andrés IniestaBarcelona
Carles PuyolBarcelona
Lionel MessiBarcelona
Sergio RamosReal Madrid

Most player appearances in El Clasico

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