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Top 5 Footballers who went Broke after their Careers 2018

Paul Merson Top 5 Footballers who went broke

Paul Gascoigne Top 5 Footballers who went broke

Top 5 footballers who went broke

Here we look at Top 5 Football players that have gone broke. Top footballers who went broke? Broke footballers? Which former footballers have gone broke after their careers?

Footballers gone broke is something that you never hear about. Usually its all about the highest paid and the richest footballers. So which footballers have gone bankrupt?

We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at footballers who made millions and then lost it all. Here is our list with Footballers who went broke.

Top 5 footballers who have gone broke

We have chosen 5 famous footballers who gone broke. This are all former rich and famous footballers who went broke. At some point the footballers have loost all their money and gone broke. Compared to their previous rich lifestile the are poor and many with big debts. Althought some of the footballers have managed to clear their depts and are doing other things now. Not all footballers are not left homeless on the street with big debts. This means that not all are footballers who are now broke. Some of the footballers are still broke now.

Top 5 footballers who are now broke

Here we look at the Top 5 footballers who went broke. Here is the Top 5 footballers who went broke:

5. John Arne Riise is one of the footballers who are broke

Top 5 Footballers who went broke John Arne Riise

The former Liverpool left-back was a legend at Anfield. Riise had that famous left-footed shots that could break a goalkeepers hands. His powerful shooting and defending at Liverpool was not enough though.

Riise joined a number of lower-league teams after Liverpool including Fulham. John Arne Riise filed for bankruptcy in 2007 due to unpaid debt worth over £100,000. But you’d think he could afford it considering he was on wages of £50,000-a-week at Liverpool.

This was all due to a legal dispute involving his agent and a £3 million fraud case in Riise’s home in Norway. Riise was held liable for failing to pay off his debts for a failed business.

The Liverpool legend is now retired and it seems he must have cleared his debt.

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