Top 5 shortest popular footballers in the world

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.

It is for everyone, tall, short, slim, overweight, and it knows no race, nationality nor sex.

In fact, it has now got a rich history of shorter players who have proved their technical abilities in the game. So that leaves us with accepting the fact that height and strong built does not matter. All that counts is the technical skills a footballer possesses. And some of the shortest football players proved it absolutely right through their immense success in competitive soccer matches.

Here are the Top 5 shortest footballers in the world:

5. Lionel Messi

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This legend does not need any introduction. I mean, it’s MESSI.

It feels strange not to see him on the top of any football list, but that is exactly the point here. Luckily for the 170 cm tall superstar, there are other players who are ever shorter than him. In addition, the Argentine’s height did not stop him from winning the Ballon D’or a record five times.

4. Alexis Sanchez

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With a height of 169 cm, Alexis plays for one of the richest soccer clubs Manchester United is amazing at what he does and is a successful footballer as of now.

He joined the Spanish giants Barcelona in 2011 and became the shortest soccer player in La Liga. His low centre of gravity enables him to move gracefully with seamless ease.

3. Marco Verratti

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The best Italian midfielder in the world today, Marco Verratti has been hailed as Andrea Pirlo’s heir in the Italian national team by some.

A brilliant passer of the ball, with great vision and technique, and unlike Pirlo, he doesn’t mind running around a bit too. With his height of 165 cm, he is placed exactly in the middle of our list.


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