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Past Winners Of UEFA Euro Championships List – All Time

Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships list - All Time

All Euro winners list: past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships Finals 1960-2021

UEFA Euro Winners List? All Euro Winners list? All time Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships finals? Who are the past winners of the UEFA Euro European Championship? Have you ever wondered on which teams have won the European Championships before? Watch & Bet here =>

Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the previous Winners of UEFA Euro Championships.

UEFA Euro Winners List - All time past European Championship!

UEFA European Championship: Euro 2021

UEFA European Championship: Euro 2021

Italy were named champions of Euro 2021 on 11 July, Sunday at Wembley Stadium. The Azzuri collected their second trophy in the tournament’s history, making an incredible comeback from their disappointment two years back.

England and Italy ended the game in normal time 1-1 at the back of goals from Luke Shaw and Leonardo Bonucci. Then after a dramatic penalty shootout, Italy came out winners 3-2.

UEFA Euro Cup Winners History

The first edition of the Euros was in 1960 which consisted of four team’s with France as hosts four teams qualified to the competition after a small qualifying round. Due to political unrest in Europe, a number of European big team’s withdrew from the competition.

In 1980, the number of teams was expanded to eight teams which was divided into two groups and group winners went on to play in the final. In 1996, the number of teams further expanded to 16 and was hosted by England. The Upcoming Euro’s 2016 will be the biggest Euro’s ever with 24 teams contesting in the final competition out of 53 who took part in the qualifying round.

In the 14 editions played since its commencement in 1960, 10 different countries have won the prestigious trophy with Spain and England with the highest number of trophies (3 each).

Apart from Germany and Spain, France is the only team to have won the competition more than once. Germany is also the most successful team in the Euros as they have appeared in six finals (three wins, three runners-up).

UEFA Champions League Winners List All Time

Past Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships list - All Timeof UEFA Euro Championships list - All Time
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UEFA Euro 2020 Winner

Who will win UEFA Euro 2020? When is UEFA Euro 2020? The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship was the 16th UEFA European Championship, the international men’s football championship of Europe organised every four years by UEFA.

Italy came out winners of UEFA Euro 2020.

How many times has Italy won the European Championship? Italy has won the European Championship twice.

Italy has reached the European Championship final four times before.

How many times has England won the European Championships? England have never won the European Championships before.


UEFA Euro 2016 winner

When was UEFA Euro 2016? The 2016 UEFA European Football Championship was the 15th UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organised every four years by UEFA. It was held in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016.

Who won UEFA Euro 2016? Spain were the two-time defending champions, having won the 2008 and 2012 tournaments, but were eliminated in the round of 16 by Italy.

Portugal won the tournament for the first time, following a 1–0 victory after extra time over the host team, France, in the final played at the Stade de France.

As the winners, Portugal earned the right to compete at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

Past Winners of UEFA European Championship 1960-2020All Euro winners list: all time past UEFA European Championship winners list 960-2020

Lastest Euro winner? Euro winners list? Portugal is lastest Euro winner and Spain was the previous Euro winner. Portugal played well during Euro 2016, but they have been knock-out from the Euro 2020 tournatment. Spain can still make it to the Euro 2021 final if they manage to win against Italy in the Euro 2020 Semi Final.

All time UEFA Euro Winners List

Let’s now take a look at the Past winners of the UEFA Euro European Championship finals since 1960-2020:

2020Pan-EuropeanItalyEngland1-1 (3-2 e.p)
2016FrancePortugalFrance1-0 (a.e)
2012Poland/UkraineSpain Italy4–0
2008Switzerland/AustriaSpain Germany1–0
2004PortugalGreece Portugal1–0
2000Belgium/NetherlandsFrance Italy2–1 (a.e)
1996EnglandGermanyCzech Republic2–1 (a.e)
1992SwedenDenmark Germany2–0
1988West GermanyNetherlands Soviet Union2–0
1984FranceFrance Spain2–0
1980ItalyWest Germany Belgium2–1
1976JugoslavienCzechoslovakia West Germany2–2 (5–3 e.p)
1972BelgiumWest GermanySoviet Union3–0
1968ItalyItaly Yugoslavia1–1 (a.e) 2–0 (replay)
1964SpainSpain Soviet Union2–1
1960FranceSoviet Union Yugoslavia2–1 (a.e)

Past Past Winners of UEFA Euro Championships list - All Timeof UEFA Euro Championships list - All Time

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UEFA European Championship Most Wins

Who has the most European Championship titles? Germany and Spain have the most European Championship titles, each have so far won it 3 times. France with 2 is second. All other countries have won the championship only once.

TeamWinner year by yearRunners-up year by year
Germany319721,19801, 1996319761, 1992, 2008
Spain31964, 2008, 201221984
France21984, 200012016
Soviet Union1196031964, 1972, 1988
Italy21968, 2020
22000, 2012
Czech Republic11976211996
England0 12020
  1. As West Germany
  2. As Czechoslovakia

Which country won most Euro Champions medals?

Want to know which country that won most Euro? Its a tie between Germany and Spain have both 3 European Championship titles. No other country have won more than 3 Euros. France has only won twice and Portugal only once. England have chance to win their first Euro.

UEFA European Championships medal table 2021

NrTeamGold medalsSilver medalsBronze medalsTotal medals
1Spain3 (1964, 2008, 2012)1 (1984)04
2Germany3 (19721,19801, 1996)3 (19761, 1992, 2008)06
3France2 (1984, 2000)1 (2016)03
4Soviet Union1 (1960)3 (1964, 1972, 1988)04
5Italy2 (1968, 2020)2 (2000, 2012)04
6Czech Republic1 (19762)1 (1996)2 (1960, 19802)4
7Portugal1 (2016)1 (2004)02
8Netherlands1 (2010)01 (1976)2
9Denmark1 (1992)3 (1974, 1978, 2010)1 (2014)5
10Greece1 (2004)2 (1934, 1962)03
11Yugoslavia02 (1960, 1968)02
12Belgium01 (1980)1 (1972)2
13Ukraine001 (1964)1
14England 01 (2020)1 (1968)2
  1. As West Germany
  2. As Czechoslovakia

How many countries have won Euro?

Want to know how many countries have won Euro? There in only 10 countries have won Euro Champions. Germany, Spain and France have won more than once. England and the rest of the European countries have never won the Euro Championship.

Past Winners of UEFA European Championship 1960-2020




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