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La Liga Prize Money For Winners 2024 – Distribution & Breakdown Table 2023/24!

La Liga Prize Money

La Liga prize money for winners – distribution & breakdown table for each positions and champions 2024

La Liga prize money for winners? Want to know the La Liga prize money breakdown and distribution table 2024? La Liga Santander Prize money for winners? How much will FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal and Real Sociedad get in prize money? Watch & Bet on Football =>

La Liga Prize Money For Winners 2024 - Distribution & Breakdown Table 2023/24!

How much prize money will each team get at the end of this La Liga season?

How much is La Liga prize money? Have you ever wanted to find out how much the La Liga 2024 Prize Money is? If you have, then worry not because we have prepared a list of the La Liga 2024 distribution!

List of Spanish Prize Money Distribution 2023/24 Season

How much is the La Liga 2024 Prize Money Distribution & Breakdown 22/23? Previously known as the BBVA due to sponsorship reasons from Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. Watch & Bet on Football =>

The Santander was won by Atletico Madrid last season and they won the title with a solid lead ahead of Real Madrid. This season it is Real Madrid who the Spanish La Liga title.

Spanish La Liga has signed a new collective TV rights deal for the Spanish division 1 which will come into play starting from the 2021-22 season. Unlike the previous seasons, the 2023/24 La Liga season will see a lot more balanced distribution of La Liga tv and central sponsorship money.

However, Real Madrid and Barcelona are both set to keep their usual earnings under the new system as well. Below is the entire prize money distribution system and how much every club in the Spanish top-flight will earn this season.

La Liga Prize Money Breakdown

La Liga TV rights money distribution to clubs

La Liga TV rights money? This is how the new TV money distribution system works:

Unlike the previous model, every top division club had to negotiate their own TV rights deals but La Liga passed historic bill in 2015 which ensured the collective sale of La Liga tv rights both domestically and overseas.

Telefonica, Movistar bought the domestic live tv rights for around €1.89 billion in a 3-year deal while MediaPro also splashed out €750 million for three years making it a total of €2.70 billion (£1.8 billion) over three year domestic deals.

La Liga are selling collective TV rights in overseas markets around the world. They increased their overseas TV money compared to previous deals.

La Liga winning prize money

La Liga prize fund 2023/24 Fund

With the new TV money distribution model, La Liga will put both domestic and overseas yearly TV money in one pot from which 10% will be allocated for division 2 teams. While rest of the 90% will be distributed according to following model.

1. 50% is shared equally
2. 25% is merit money
3. 25% is resource money

1. Equal-share: 50% will be distributed equally between all 20 top-flight clubs

2. Merit-Money: 25% will be distributed according to league positions based on the last 5 years.

3. Resources-Generation: 25% will be distributed according to each team’s capacity for generating resources for example number of official club members, season tickets sold, attendance, etc.

Spanish La Liga prize money

La Liga prize money Pool For 2023/24 Season

So the total money from both domestic and overseas three tv deals combined is around €2.65 billion (£1.8 billion). Which they will divide into three parts making prize money pool for each of the three seasons under the current TV deal period 2021-24.

They will distribute around €0.85 billion (£0.62 billion) a season among La Liga clubs (10 % will go for La Liga 2 clubs). So the prize money pool for the 2023/24 season will be around €1 billion (£0.7 billion) and here is how the distribution model works in La Liga.

So the La Liga prize money pool for 2023/24 will be setup with two portions of money.

Spanish La Liga 2023/24 TV money distribution

They divide the money equally between all 20 clubs and for the 2023/24 season, all La Liga clubs will get around €50 million each from this portion.

La Liga prize money for winners

La Liga prize money table 2023/24

The prize money for the final amount has not yet been revealed for the new season!

However, we do have the breakdown for this season from their TV right revenues and prize money from previous seasons!

What about 2023 Prize Money? Here is the confirmed La Liga prize money Table For 2021-22:

Pos Team Prize Money
1 Real Madrid €158 million
2 Atletico Madrid €154 million
3 Barcelona €115 million
4 Sevilla €85 million
5 Real Sociedad €80 million
6 Real Betis €77 million
7 Villarreal €73 million
8 Celta Vigo €73 million
9 Athletic Bilbao €66 million
10 Granada €65 million
11 Osasuna €63 million
12 Cádiz €60 million
13 Valencia €57 million
14 Levante €55 million
15 Alavés €54 million
16 Getafe €52.5 million
17 Elche €52.5 million
18 Huesca €50 million
19 Valladolid €50 million
20 Eibar €48.5 million

La Liga prize money for winners

La Liga prize money table 2019/2020 (Final table)

2020 Prize Money? Here is the confirmed La Liga prize money Table For 2019-2020:

1 Atlético Madrid €150m
2 Real Madrid €128m
3 Barcelona €146m
4 Sevilla €104m
5 Real Sociedad €102m
6 Real Betis €100m
7 Villarreal €98m
8 Celta Vigo €94m
9 Athletic Bilbao €94m
10 Granada €88m
11 Osasuna €85m
12 Cádiz €83m
13 Valencia €81m
14 Levante €79m
15 Alavés €74m
16 Getafe €80m
17 Elche €76m
18 Huesca €68m
19 Valladolid €63m
20 Eibar €62m

La Liga tv rights money distribution

Spanish La Liga prize money rights

With the previous system the top clubs tv rights money and bottom clubs was huge with Real Madrid and Barcelona pocketing as much as €140 million each with their individual deals. While bottom clubs like Las Palmas could barely make €18 million in tv rights money.

But a collective deal will enable even the bottom sides to make as much as €60 million per season. Also the new deal has a clause where Real Madrid and Barcelona won’t take any hit in their TV rights revenue. This enables them to continue earning in the region of €140 million a per. Watch & Bet on Football =>

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