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List of Snooker World Championship Winners and Runners Up since inception 1927 until date 2023!

Snooker World Championship Results 2020 Winners & Past Results From 1927

Snooker World Championship Results: World Snooker Winners Since 1927 to 2023!

Are you looking for the 2023 Snooker World Championship resultsSnooker results World ChampionshipSnooker World Championship 2023 results? Well, look no further because we have all the info right here. Watch & Bet on Snooker =>

The World Snooker Championship is an expert snooker competition that usually occurs from 15 April to 1 May at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England.

This will be the 45th sequential year the World Snooker Championship will be held at the Crucible. Sports wagering organization Betfred supports the event as their main sponsor.

Snooker World Championship Results 2023: Winners & Past Results

Last year, Judd Trump took home the title, crushing John Higgins 18–9. This year’s player pool is stretched thick with some of the world’s best talents fighting it out in the qualifiers. Starting from former world champions, Masters and UK championship winners as well as a 14-year-old from Ukraine!

That means eight days of gruelling battle for an invitation to Sheffield this month. To find out more on the Snooker World Championship results and past winners, read on below.

World Snooker Championship Results: Who won Snooker?

As you all know, the World Snooker Championship is the most prominent competition in this sport. First held in 1927, we have seen this tournament grow from a small club room to the grand stage internationally. Watch & Bet on Snooker =>

Players fly in to compete for a span of 17 days and usually ends on the first Monday of May. But due to the global health crisis, the Championship had to be pushed back to 31 st July and will end on 16 August.

Stephen Hendry holds the best record in the modern era with seven titles while Ronnie O’Sullivan has five titles. Judd Trump is the reigning champion who is tipped to defend his title with all his might this year.

World Snooker Championship Results

List of World Snooker Championship Winners and Runners Up Since 2000 til date 2023

Snooker World Championship winners list since 2000, 2010 or 2020? The 2023 edition is due to start in July 32nd but let’s take a look back at the Snooker World Championship results from the past. All the winners of the competition have been noted right here. Watch & Bet on Snooker =>

Here is the list of Snooker World Championship Winners and Runners Up since 2000 until date 2023:

Year Winners Runners up Final score Season
2022 Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG)  Judd Trump (ENG) 18–13 2021–22
2021  Mark Selby (ENG) Shaun Murphy (ENG) 18–15 2020–21
2020  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) Kyren Wilson (ENG) 18–8 2019–20
2019  Judd Trump (ENG) John Higgins (SCO) 18–9 2018–19
2018  Mark Williams (WAL) John Higgins (SCO) 18–16 2017–18
2017  Mark Selby (ENG) John Higgins (SCO) 18–15 2016–17
2016  Mark Selby (ENG) Ding Junhui (CHN) 18–14 2015–16
2015  Stuart Bingham (ENG) Shaun Murphy (ENG) 18–15 2014–15
2014  Mark Selby (ENG) Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) 18–14 2013–14
2013  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) Barry Hawkins (ENG) 18–12 2012–13
2012  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) Ali Carter (ENG) 18–11 2011–12
2011  John Higgins (SCO) Judd Trump (ENG) 18–15 2010–11
2010  Neil Robertson (AUS) Graeme Dott (SCO) 18–13 2009–10
2009  John Higgins (SCO) Shaun Murphy (ENG) 18–9 2008–09
2008  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) Ali Carter (ENG) 18–8 2007–08
2007  John Higgins (SCO) Mark Selby (ENG) 18–13 2006–07
2006  Graeme Dott (SCO) Peter Ebdon (ENG) 18–14 2005–06
2005  Shaun Murphy (ENG) Matthew Stevens (WAL) 18–16 2004–05
2004  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) Graeme Dott (SCO) 18–8 2003–04
2003  Mark Williams (WAL) Ken Doherty (IRL) 18–16 2002–03
2002  Peter Ebdon (ENG) Stephen Hendry (SCO) 18–17 2001–02
2001  Ronnie O’Sullivan (ENG) John Higgins (SCO) 18–14 2000–01
2000  Mark Williams (WAL) Matthew Stevens (WAL) 18–16 1999–2000

List of World Snooker Championship Winners and Runners Up

List of World Snooker Championship Winners and Runners Up Since 1970 til 1999

Snooker World Championship winners list since 1970,1980 or 1990? was the start of the tournament’s main hub switching permanently to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. What was starting to become an elite gathering quickly became the grand stage for all snooker lovers.

Stephen Hendry’s dominance during the ’90s was followed up by a very competitive stroke of veterans and amateurs fighting it out in the past decade. Watch & Bet on Snooker =>

Here is the list of Snooker World Championship Winners and Runners Up since 1970 until 1999:

Year Winners Runners up Final score Season
1999  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Mark Williams (WAL) 18–11 1998–99
1998  John Higgins (SCO)  Ken Doherty (IRL) 18–12 1997–98
1997  Ken Doherty (IRL)  Stephen Hendry (SCO) 18–12 1996–97
1996  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Peter Ebdon (ENG) 18–12 1995–96
1995  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Nigel Bond (ENG) 18–9 1994–95
1994  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–17 1993–94
1993  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–5 1992–93
1992  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–14 1991–92
1991  John Parrott (ENG)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–11 1990–91
1990  Stephen Hendry (SCO)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–12 1989–90
1989  Steve Davis (ENG)  John Parrott (ENG) 18–3 1988–89
1988  Steve Davis (ENG)  Terry Griffiths (WAL) 18–11 1987–88
1987  Steve Davis (ENG)  Joe Johnson (ENG) 18–14 1986–87
1986  Joe Johnson (ENG)  Steve Davis (ENG) 18–12 1985–86
1985  Dennis Taylor (NIR)  Steve Davis (ENG) 18–17 1984–85
1984  Steve Davis (ENG)  Jimmy White (ENG) 18–16 1983–84
1983  Steve Davis (ENG)  Cliff Thorburn (CAN) 18–6 1982–83
1982  Alex Higgins (NIR)  Ray Reardon (WAL) 18–15 1981–82
1981  Steve Davis (ENG)  Doug Mountjoy (WAL) 18–12 1980–81
1980  Cliff Thorburn (CAN)  Alex Higgins (NIR) 18–16 1979–80
1979  Terry Griffiths (WAL)  Dennis Taylor (NIR) 24–16 1978–79
1978  Ray Reardon (WAL)  Perrie Mans (SAF) 25–18 1977–78
1977  John Spencer (ENG)  Cliff Thorburn (CAN) 25–21 1976–77
1976  Ray Reardon (WAL)  Alex Higgins (NIR) 27–16 1975–76
1975  Ray Reardon (WAL)  Eddie Charlton (AUS) 31–30 1974–75
1974  Ray Reardon (WAL)  Graham Miles (ENG) 22–12 1973–74
1973  Ray Reardon (WAL)  Eddie Charlton (AUS) 38–32 1972–73
1972  Alex Higgins (NIR)  John Spencer (ENG) 37–32 1971–72
1971  John Spencer (ENG)  Warren Simpson (AUS) 37–29 1970–71
1970  Ray Reardon (WAL)  John Pulman (ENG) 37–33 1969–70

Snooker World Championship Winners and Runners Up Since 1970 til 1999

List of World Snooker Championship Winners and Runners Up Since Inception 1927 til 1969

Snooker World Championship winners list since inception or 1960? Joe Davis dominated the tournament early on with 15 back to back championship wins. There was a period after that when the sport suffered with political clashes across the globe.

After a five period stretch, the Snooker World Championship returned in 1964 which followed with another player dominating the standings – John Pulman. Watch & Bet on Snooker =>

Here is the list of Snooker World Championship Winners and Runners Up since inception 1927 until 1969:

Year Winners Runners up Final score Season
1969  John Spencer (ENG)  Gary Owen (WAL) 37–24 1968–69
1968‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Eddie Charlton (AUS) 39–34 n/a
1966‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Fred Davis (ENG) 5–2[d] n/a
1965‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Fred Davis (ENG) 37–36 n/a
1965‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Rex Williams (ENG) 25–22[d] n/a
1965‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Fred Van Rensburg (SAF) 39–12 n/a
1964‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Fred Davis (ENG) 19–16 n/a
1964‡  John Pulman (ENG)  Rex Williams (ENG) 40–33 n/a
1958–1963: No tournament
1957◊  John Pulman (ENG)  Jackie Rea (NIR) 39–34 n/a
1956◊  Fred Davis (ENG)  John Pulman (ENG) 38–35 n/a
1955◊  Fred Davis (ENG)  John Pulman (ENG) 38–35 n/a
1954◊  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 45–26 n/a
1953◊  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 37–34 n/a
1952◊  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 38–35 n/a
1952†  Horace Lindrum (AUS)[b]  Clark McConachy (NZL) 94–49 n/a
1951†  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 58–39 n/a
1950†  Walter Donaldson (SCO)  Fred Davis (ENG) 51–46 n/a
1949†  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 80–65 n/a
1948†  Fred Davis (ENG)  Walter Donaldson (SCO) 84–61 n/a
1947†  Walter Donaldson (SCO)  Fred Davis (ENG) 82–63 n/a
1946†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Horace Lindrum (AUS) 78–67 n/a
1941–1945: No tournament
1940†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Fred Davis (ENG) 37–36 n/a
1939†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Sidney Smith (ENG) 43–30 n/a
1938†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Sidney Smith (ENG) 37–24 n/a
1937†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Horace Lindrum (AUS) 32–29 n/a
1936†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Horace Lindrum (AUS) 34–27 n/a
1935†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Willie Smith (ENG) 25–20 n/a
1934†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Tom Newman (ENG) 25–22 n/a
1933†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Willie Smith (ENG) 25–18 n/a
1932†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Clark McConachy (NZL) 30–19 n/a
1931†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Tom Dennis (ENG) 25–21 n/a
1930†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Tom Dennis (ENG) 25–12 n/a
1929†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Tom Dennis (ENG) 19–14 n/a
1928*  Joe Davis (ENG)  Fred Lawrence (ENG) 16–13 n/a
1927†  Joe Davis (ENG)  Tom Dennis (ENG) 20–11 n/a

Snooker World Championship Winners List

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