Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017 (Weekly Wages)

Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017 (Weekly Wages)

Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017

Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017? Have you wanted to find out which players are the highest paid in the Southampton squad? well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a full list of the clubs player salaries for all the players’.

Southampton are not the biggest in the Premier League but their efforts have definitely been outstanding so far in the Premier League as they have prevented themselves from being relegated from the top tier league in the country.The club is currently sitting in eighth position in the Premier League after eight games played showing that they mean business this season. The club is currently spending a sum of £47 Million on it’s players and stuff compared to a previous.

The club is not one of the richest in the country but tries everything possible to accommodate everyone staff and player in the team and keep them happy at the club.

Southampton Highest Paid Player

Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017

Who is Southampton’s highest paid player? Portuguese defender Jose Fonte is the highest paid Southampton player with a yearly salary of £3,200,000 per year. The Portuguese joined the Saints in 2010 from Crystal Palace and has gone on to become the clubs highest paid player.

Southampton FC Players Salaries 2017

List of The Southampton FC Players Salaries 2016-17 (Yearly)

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