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Inter Miami striker Lionel Messi speaks on his potential retirement


Lionel Messi intends to lead Argentina during this year’s Copa America.

Inter Miami star Lionel Messi has given a hint about retirement. He has revealed that he is not giving any thought to the possibility of retirement just yet.

The 36-year-old started his new journey with Inter Miami last summer after joining the MSL club. He has scored 23 goals in 19 matches for Inter Miami so far. He helped the Herons win the Leagues Cup in his debut season.

Messi has scored five goals in the ongoing season of MLS. He didn’t take part in Argentina’s March friendlies with El Salvador and Costa Rica due to a muscular injury.

The former Barcelona star intends to lead Argentina during this year’s Copa America and he may also seen for the final time in World Cup 2026.

While having an interview with the Big Time Podcast, Messi talked about retirement plans. The 8-time Ballon D’Or winner said, “I know that the moment I feel that I am no longer able to perform, that I no longer enjoy [playing] or [can] help my teammates, I will quit. I’m very self-critical of myself, I know when I’m good, when I’m bad, when I’m playing well and when I’m playing badly.

“When I feel it’s time to take that step, I’ll take it without thinking about age. If I feel good, I’ll always try to keep competing because it’s what I like and I know how to do.

“I haven’t yet thought of what I’m going to do when I retire. “Today I try to enjoy the day to day, the moments, without thinking about life after [football]. I’m not sure about anything yet.

“I hope to keep playing for a while longer, which is what I like to do. When the time comes, I will surely find a way to fulfil myself and do what I like, and [find] a new role.

“On a sporting level I was lucky enough to be able to achieve all my dreams and the truth is that I can’t ask for more. Thank God he gave me [everything] both professionally and on a human level, as well as my family, my friends. I try to enjoy everything God has given me so far, which is a lot.”

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