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5 footballers who committed suicide

Image: BildByran

Being a footballer is a dream for football fans and players alike, isn’t it? The wealthy riches that come by make life a bed of roses, albeit one does have to toil hard to reach that level.

When you have the influx of cash a footballer has, there’s hardly a reason to be sad, isn’t it? But that’s not the case.

Footballers over the time face pressures that sometimes tend to go overboard. As a result, they end up taking their own lives to be freed from the struggle once and for all. In this list, we discuss 5 footballers who have committed this deed.

5. Robert Enke

5 players who committed suicide
Image: BildByran

Having begun his career with Carl Zeiss Jena, Robert Enke was a pretty good journeyman in his own sense. The German keeper played for Hannover, Benfica, Barcelona, Borussia Monchengladbach, Fenerbache and Tenerife in his career.

Even with that constant changing and swapping of clubs, Enke was one of the elite shot-stoppers around in his times. He also won the best goalkeeper award in season 2008/09, sadly just two days before he decided to end his life.

Enke threw himself in front of a running train on 10 November in 2009, putting an end to all the misery that had messed up his head. The police never publicized his suicide note, albeit his wife did clarify that her husband took such a grave step to end the depression he was suffering since they lost their daughter Lara in 2006.


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