5 players who prospered elsewhere after Jose Mourinho sold them

5 players who became successful after mourinho sold them

Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest managers to grace the beautiful game in recent times. Sure, his recent failures with Chelsea and Manchester United might make people think otherwise, but there’s no denying the fact that the Special One is a grandmaster when it comes to the whiteboard.

Throughout his career, Mourinho has managed an endless list of superstars. While some have made thrived under him, some others haven’t had the chance to reach their full potential under his tutelage.

On that note, let’s have a look at the top 5 players who have gone on to prosper after being sold by the Portuguese tactician.

5. Memphis Depay
5 players who became successful after mourinho sold them
Memphis Depay arrived at Manchester United amidst much speculation and expectations in 2015 from PSV Eindhoven, following an impressive season in which he scored 28 goals in 40 games in the league. The burden expectations scaled newer heights when he decided to wear the famous number 7 jersey.

However, Depay found it hard to adjust to the Premier League in the first season and found himself struggling for playing time. Mourinho arrived in 2016 – a move that looked like a fresh start for the Dutchman.

But all hopes went wrong as Mourinho so badly overlooked Depay that he just played 79 minutes during his tenure under the Special One.

Depay found his feet after Mourinho sold him to Lyon in 2017. He ransacked the defences week in week out with goals and assists and also cemented his place in the Netherlands’ starting XI.

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