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5 reasons THIS MANAGER should REPLACE Wenger!


Wenger Out.

You’ve seen and read this tagline everywhere for quite a while now, and the reality is it is more of a meme now than it has ever been.

But, if Arsene Wenger were to actually leave Arsenal (I myself am convinced he is in reality, capable of living until the age of 350 and plans to remain at the Emirates for at least another 300 years.) – who would replace him?

A big contender, is Diego Simeone.

If Arsenal could coax the Argentine from Atletico Madird, would it be a wise move?

I sure think so, and here are five reasons why.


NUMBER 5 – Potential.

As much as some rival fans don’t like to admit it (myself included) Arsenal do have bundles of potential.

With some of the names they have, and the style of football they ARE capable of playing, they could be molded into a strong force once again.

But why take my word for it?

“Arsenal are technically and tactically the best team in the league. Nevertheless, they have not won that much, so you have to look for that improvement with that team,” Louis Van Gaal, October 2015.

“I think Arsenal has the squad to be champions. And every season I feel that. I tell you if one of their players is a free agent and they don’t want him there, I get everyone. I like all of their players,” Jose Mourinho, September 2015.


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