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BBC pundit Paul Salt believes Wataru Endo is too slow for premier league football

Jurgen Klopp assures Wataru Endo will get Premier League start

In a recent evaluation of Wataru Endo’s Premier League games, BBC Radio Merseyside analyst Paul Salt raised worries about the Japanese international’s pace. Salt, a seasoned football analyst, brought up his concerns following Endo’s challenge on Brentford’s Christian Norgaard.

Endo’s tackle on Norgaard during a recent come across generated controversy regarding his suitability for the fast-paced style of the Premier League.

Salt stated, “He seems a step behind, as if the rhythm of the game surpasses him.”

The incident in question involved what appeared to be a mistimed tackle, with Endo’s studs catching Norgaard.

I’m not just basing this on yesterday but whenever I’ve seen him, that’s why he is a walking booking. It’s almost like he can’t get up to the pace of the game.

“The contentious challenge which resulted in him not being sent off actually came from his bad touch. I don’t think it was a red card. I can understand what Frank is saying, but he’s not going in studs up. He’s trying to make up for his bad touch and he does catch him. I think a yellow card would have been fair enough.

“It’s a bit concerning for me, he just seems a little bit too slow for the game, or the game is too fast for him. His tackling is off, but I don’t know whether that’s because he can’t get up to pace. I was surprised he played [against Brentford] because he had an absolute stinker in the first half on Thursday.”

Despite Salt’s concerns, a lengthy VAR review ensued, allowing Endo to maintain his position on the field. The verdict adds an intriguing part to the current debate over how to adapt of players from other football levels to the rigors of the Premier League.

As Wataru Endo navigates the complexities of English football, opinions on his pace and his preparation for the Premier League will almost certainly continue to be scrutinized and discussed by football fans.

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