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Brendan Rodgers has fitness regime for Steven Gerrard


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed that he has put together a special training regime for his captain Steven Gerrard so that the Englishman can keep fit and healthy even during the latter stages of his career.

Gerrard, who has been influential for The Reds for many seasons now, is still used at the heart of the midfield at Anfield and is still a crucial asset to the Merseyside club.

With this in mind, Rodgers is admant on keeping the captain fully fit for many seasons to come so that the club can still get the best out of him, despite his age.

Speaking ahead of the game against his old club Swansea City, Rodgers revealed his plans for the captain and hopes to keep him in his prime for as long as possible.

‘You need to analyse the person, what age he is at and the body type he is,’ said Rodgers. ‘One of the biggest things in our method of work is the recovery method.

‘Stevie for example plays on the Saturday, recovers on the Sunday doing pulls, stretch and massage, on the Tuesday recovers further with maybe a light jog. It’s a long load of low intensity recovery.

‘You saw that before the international break when Stevie was fit enough to play Saturday, Tuesday (in the League Cup) and Sunday. We have individual plans for every player.’

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt


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