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Brendan Rodgers: ‘We won’t be selling Celtic star to Chelsea’


Brendan Rodgers has said that he is not surprised at all that Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon is being linked with a move to Chelsea.

Now that Asmir Begovic has left Stamford Bridge, the mainstream media is doing there usual ‘linking’ playings to clubs.

This time around it was Scottish Club Celtic’s goalkeeper Craig Gordon.

Meanwhile, no one has actually confirmed any of this, it’s all made up speculation.

And to make sure the mainstream media sticks to their false narratives, they actually ask managers questions regarding stories they themselves have fabricated.

This was Brendan Rodgers response to the fake linking of Craig Gordon to Chelsea:

“If it is the case then of course we don’t want to sell him, Sky Sports quote the Northern Irishman as saying.

“I am not surprised. His contract is up at the end of the season but there is an option for the club.

“But it is not something we would consider really. It is a difficult decision for a player, especially if you are getting financial rewards at the end of it.

Another BS story made up by the mainstream media debunked by themselves when they ask stupid questions.

Amazingly no one has asked Conte, I’ll tell you why, If they ask Conte, he will simply say ‘no this is not true’, thus exposing the Mainstream Media’s fake linking, whereas, asking Rodgers will get the type of answer above, then they can continue on with their lies, you know what’s coming next, probably a story about how Chelsea will make an offer that will trigger his release clause.

Give me a break!

Case closed.

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