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The latest Chelsea team news, verified transfer rumours and interviews all right here:

To make it much easier to get all the latest news regarding Chelsea Football Club that is true, we decided to sift through all the garbage the mainstream media is dishing out and fact check the stories, basically if it’s BS its not listed below:

Reliable fact checked Chelsea FC Latest News right here everyday 24/7.

Tired of mainstream media lies?, Tired of being click baited into a nothing article? Tired of hearing the media link 1000 players to Chelsea Football Club?

Reliable fact checked Chelsea FC Latest News right here everyday 24/7.

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Chelsea FC Latest News | Latest Transfer News, Reviews and Interviews!


All of the articles below are confirmed statements regarding Chelsea Football Club, they have not been altered at all

Latest Chelsea Fc Video Highlights

Last match saw Chelsea take on Hull City which ended in a 2-0 win for the Blues.

Below you can see the Chelsea v Hull City goal video highlights

Football Top 10 Lists:

Below you will find a list of very resourceful Football top 10 lists, all lists are fact checked

Premier League Team of the Week for GameWeek 22:

EPL Team of The Week Game Week 22 right here:

Chelsea Football Club players salary

Chelsea Players Salaries 2016/17? Chelsea players and their salaries during 2016/17. Are you are looking for a list of Chelsea players and their weekly salary? Then our list with Chelsea Players Weekly Wages will do it. How much does Chelsea players get paid? Here you can find the full list of Chelsea players weekly salaries 2016/2017.

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