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Christian Pulisic’s father hints at Premier League move


Reports from Sky Sports suggest that Christian Pulisic’s father said his son always aspired to play in the Premier League. Pulisic’s father said, “There’s always change. You can think one thing, then you do it, and at the end of the day it wasn’t the right thing.

Football is crazy. You have to go with the flow and make sure the player feels comfortable, whatever the decision is. There’s no magic formula. Is it right to stay at Dortmund? Who knows. Is it right to move to another club? He might think it is, or someone else might think it is, but it might not be in the player’s mind.

The only thing we can do is continue to talk with him and make sure he’s always in the loop of what’s going on, present all the facts and the content of what can happen, or will happen. It’s up to the player to make that final call. The Premier League is a league where he’s always aspired to be in and play in. As a player nowadays, there are so few players staying at one club throughout a career, the chances of him moving to different clubs and leagues is a high probability.”

Christian Pulisic has been linked to a move to Liverpool this summer with coach Jurgen Klopp praising him. Klopp said, “I think [Pulisic] has all you need for becoming a big player. That’s how it is and he has already a lot of ups and few downs as well, so that’s good for development and for the level he is now.”

The winger had a terrific season with Borussia Dortmund in 2017-18. He scored 4 goals and provided 5 assists in the Bundesliga. The American teenager also starred in Dortmund’s win over Liverpool at the International Champions Cup as he scored two goals in an eventual 3-1 win.


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