Home Football Comisso mocks Nedved after thumping Juventus

Comisso mocks Nedved after thumping Juventus

Comisso mocks Nedved after thumping Juventus

Fiorentina beat Juventus 3-0 last time out.

And Fiorentina president Rocco Commisso was in a mood, alright?

“I watched the game with my wife and I was scared until the third goal, because I knew that sooner or later the referee could give Juve a gift,” Commisso told Radio Bruno in a very lengthy interview.

“I saw the blondie (referencing Pavel Nedved), who last year told me to drink a nice cup of tea. Well, I hope he had a chamomile tea, seeing as he was so agitated in the stands.

“I saw the determination that I wanted. Everyone was together in the team and gave their all.”

Commisso was also unforgiving of former Fiorentina man Frederico Chiesa.

“Perhaps they wanted to defend the club and their President. When a player walks out the way he did, well… I can only advise people not to burn their bridges and try to remain humble, but that’s not what he did.”

Juventus might have lost the match yesterday but they are now nine times champion of the league as compared to Fiorentina who are nowhere near the title challenge scenario. Small happiness?

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