Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial new hairstyle – Social media reacts!

Cristiano Ronaldo's controversial new hairstyle - Social media reacts!

Cristiano Ronaldo has adopted a new hairstyle lately – a sort of cropped man bun – and has been going viral on social media lately, and not in a good way.

The Portuguese star hasn’t had the best year – especially after losing out to rival Lionel Messi over the Ballon d’Or. But that’s okay because everyone can start fresh. And Ronaldo’s idea of starting fresh was apparently getting this haircut. However, it didn’t sit very well with his fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo came out for the first day of the Juventus training after their winter break while sporting this hairstyle and of course, it got a few stares – especially from his teammates as he left them in awe. This top knot hairstyle likens to Gareth Bale’s hairstyle, according to the Twitterati crowd.

The 34 year old received his award as the best player of the year at the 2019 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, where he was also seen sporting the hairstyle. After the award ceremony, he went back for training at Juventus, and he is currently training.

Fans have reacted to the hairstyle and Twitter went crazy over the hairstyle. Check out of these tweets from his fans!

What do you think of Ronaldo’s new hair?

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