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Euro 2021 Fixtures Calender UK Time: Euro 2020 Matches Schedule Calendar

Euro 2020 Fixtures List

Euro 2021 Fixtures UK time Calendar

Do you know the Euro 2021 Fixtures by day? Italy, Belgium, Spain, England Euro 2020 Fixtures UK time? If you dont, check out this space to learn about the Euro 2020 Fixtures Calendar with UK time! We have all the information for the England, Italy, Spain and Belgium Euro 2020 Fixtures per day! Watch & Bet Here =>

Who plays who and who can face who and where you can catch the action along with the Euro 2021 Fixtures Schedule!

Euro 2021 Fixtures Calender UK Time: Euro 2020 Matches Schedule Calendar 1The new Euro 2020 format

24 European national teams will play in the tournament. This is the second time that the 24 national teams will compete in The 2020 UEFA European Championships events, as the competition gets an upgrade.

Previously 16 teams participated in the European Championships but the new expanded format of Euro 2020 will have more games played and more teams involved just like the Euro 2016.

During Euro 2020, a total of 51 matches will be played, 36 of which are group stage games and 15 being knockout matches.

Euro 2020 Fixtures

Euro 2020 Fixtures: schedule with all dates and UK times for all matches per day 2021!

Here is the full schedule for Euro 2020, the European Football Championships. The 24 teams will be from four seeding pots and have been divided into 6 Groups of four teams per group. UEFA have already released the full schedule of the competition.

UEFA Euro 2020 Group Stage Fixtures – UK time

Group Stage Fixtures UK time

No. Group Date Teams Venue Watch&Bet
1 A Friday 11th June Turkey vs Italy Rome Watch&Bet>
2 A Saturday 12th June Wales vs Switzerland Baku Watch&Bet>
3 B Saturday 12th June Denmark vs Finland Copenhagen Watch&Bet>
4 B Saturday 12th June Belgium vs Russia St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
5 C Sunday 13th June Netherlands vs Ukraine Amsterdam Watch&Bet>
6 C Sunday 13th June Austria vs North Macedonia Bucharest Watch&Bet>
7 D Sunday 13th June England vs Croatia London Watch&Bet>
8 D Monday 14th June Scotland vs Czech Republic Glasgow Watch&Bet>
9 E Monday 14th June Poland vs Slovakia St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
10 E Monday 14th June Spain vs Sweden Seville Watch&Bet>
11 F Tuesday 15th June Hungary vs Portugal Budapest Watch&Bet>
12 F Tuesday 15th June France vs Germany Munich Watch&Bet>
13 A Wednesday 16th June Turkey vs Wales Baku Watch&Bet>
14 A Wednesday 16th June Italy vs Switzerland Rome Watch&Bet>
15 B Wednesday 16th June Denmark vs Belgium Copenhagen Watch&Bet>
16 B Thursday 17th June Finland vs Russia St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
17 C Thursday 17th June Netherlands vs Austria Amsterdam Watch&Bet>
18 C Thursday 17th June Ukraine vs North Macedonia Bucharest Watch&Bet>
19 D Friday 18th June Croatia vs Czech Republic Glasgow Watch&Bet>
20 D Friday 18th June England vs Scotland London Watch&Bet>
21 E Friday 18th June Sweden vs Slovakia St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
22 E Saturday 19th June Spain vs Poland Seville Watch&Bet>
23 F Saturday 19th June Hungary vs France Budapest Watch&Bet>
24 F Saturday 19th June Germany vs Hungary Munich Watch&Bet>
25 A Sunday 20th June Switzerland vs Turkey Baku Watch&Bet>
26 A Sunday 20th June Italy vs Wales Rome Watch&Bet>
27 B Monday 21st June Russia vs Denmark Copenhagen Watch&Bet>
28 B Monday 21st June Finland vs Belgium St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
29 C Monday 21st June North Macedonia vs Netherlands Amsterdam Watch&Bet>
30 C Monday 21st June Ukraine vs Austria Bucharest Watch&Bet>
31 D Tuesday 22nd June Croatia vs Scotland Glasgow Watch&Bet>
32 D Tuesday 22nd June Czech Republic vs England London Watch&Bet>
33 E Wednesday 23rd June Sweden vs Poland Seville Watch&Bet>
34 E Wednesday 23rd June Slovakia vs Spain St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
35 F Wednesday 23rd June Portugal vs France Budapest Watch&Bet>
36 F Wednesday 23rd June Germany vs Hungary Munich Watch&Bet>

UEFA Euro 2021 Knock Phase Fixtures UK time

UEFA Euro 2020 Knock Phase Fixtures UK time

Round of 16 Fixtures UK time

No Date Time Round of 16 games Venue Watch&Bet
37 Saturday 26th June 17:00 Wales vs Denmark Amsterdam Watch&Bet>
38 Saturday 26th June 20:00 Italy vs Austria London Watch&Bet>
39 Sunday 27th June 17:00 Netherlands vs Czech Republic Budapest Watch&Bet>
40 Sunday 27th June 20:00 Belgium vs Portugal Seville Watch&Bet>
41 Monday 28th June 17:00 Croatia vs Spain Copenhagen Watch&Bet>
42 Monday 28th June 20:00 France vs Switzerland Bucharest Watch&Bet>
43 Tuesday 29th June 17:00 England vs Germany Glasgow Watch&Bet>
44 Tuesday 29th June 20:00 Sweden vs Ukraine London Watch&Bet>

Quarter-Finals Fixtures UK time

No Date Time Quarter-finals games Venue Watch&Bet
45 Friday 2nd July 17:00 Spain vs Switzerland St Petersburg Watch&Bet>
46 Friday 2nd July 20:00 Belgium vs Italy Munich Watch&Bet>
47 Saturday 3rd July 17:00 Czech Republic vs Denmark Baku Watch&Bet>
48 Saturday 3rd July 20:00 England vs Ukraine Rome Watch&Bet>

Semi-Finals Fixtures UK time

The first UEFA Euro 2021 Semi-final will be played on Tuesday 6th July 2021 and the second Semi-final Wednesday 7th July 2021. Both finals starts at 20:00 UK time in London.

No. Date Time Semi-finals games Venue Watch&Bet
49 Tuesday 6th July 20:00 Spain vs Italy London Watch&Bet>
50 Wednesday 7th July 20:00 England vs Denmark London Watch&Bet>

UEFA Euro 2021 Final UK time

The UEFA Euro 2021 Final will be played on Sunday 11 July 2021 at 21:00 UK time in London.

No. Date Time Euro 2020 Final Venue Watch&Bet
51 Sunday 11 July 21:00 Italy vs England London Watch&Bet>

Euro 2021 Fixtures Calender UK Time: Euro 2020 Matches Schedule Calendar 1

Teams who are likely to proceed in Euro 2020

In all the groups except for Group F, the top teams are pretty easy to spot. Teams like Italy, Spain, England, Belgium are going to find qualification pretty easy to come.

It will the group of death for teams in Group F. They have Portugal, Germany and France all in the same group and it will be tough to find a winner from that group!

I personally have my favorites as Belgium overall an Portugal from Group F. However, most people will want to favour a France or an England who have been really good of late. Who’s your money on?

Only Belgium and England remains in the competition and will play in the Quarter-finals this weekend. Bet here if you want to get in on the action!

Euro 2020 Fixtures UK Time - Euro 2021 Matches Schedule Calendar!

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