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Bielsa says Casilla signing a coup for Leeds United


Leeds United boss Bielsa has said English football should be proud since Real Madrid reject has joined an English club.

“I think the fans of Leeds should be proud to have Casilla as a goalkeeper,” said Bielsa.  “It’s not often a player of this level chooses to play in the Championship. The players are always very careful when they have to take decisions, and they receive a lot of advice to take these decisions. Casilla has come to Leeds because he believes it is not a mistake – it’s not an impulse, it’s something he has thought a lot about. English football, and Leeds United in particular, should be proud that a Real Madrid player has come here.”

“I thought it was the right time to put Casilla as a starter, but I don’t think this will stop Farrell’s development,” said Bielsa. “The skills that Farrell has, we haven’t seen them so far in the games, but as we see him every day in training, we know what his skills are and what he’s capable of.  He needs to correct his mistakes. When you make mistakes, you suffer pressure and have to learn to live with that. It’s a long process with many steps, which is a much more difficult path as a young player. It’s even more when the team is at the top or the bottom of the table.”

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