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Nasri feared his career was over


Samir Nasri has opened up about his move to West Ham and coming out of the 18 month ban. He has revealed how it was the toughest moment of his career but he was afraid of never playing again.

“I’m still disappointed about it because I didn’t take any substance,” the Frenhcman told Sky Sports. “It was just the dosage of the vitamin that was too much. I could do it in two days but I did it in just one day and so I have regrets about it because I was sick. I had a doctor’s prescription, but it still hasn’t been accepted.”

“I lost one year of my career that just went like that and at one point they were talking about a four-year suspension. A lot of things went through my mind. I thought my career was over so having this second chance makes me lucky.”

“This experience was the worst in my career,” the 31-year-old said. “It was the worst feeling in the world. If you are not strong and you don’t have the support of your family and your friends, I really think you can go into depression because they take away what you love the most and it’s just gone like that. You don’t know if you’ll be able to it again.”

“It changed me for the better and now I see things differently,” he added. “Before sometimes you don’t know how blessed you are to do this job. Now, I just take one day at a time, try to enjoy it as much as possible and try to be as professional as I can be to help my team-mates because I thought at one point I’d lost it.”

“If you don’t believe in yourself, who’s going to do it for you,” the former Arsenal forward said. “I’m a guy who is confident and football is like riding a bike, forget about it. Once you know how to do it you will always do it. The only thing is to get my fitness back and that’s it, but my mindset is I want to prove something to myself, prove that I’m back.”

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