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PL goalkeeper reveals Manchester City fears

PL goalkeeper reveals Manchester City fears

Manchester City’s 8 goals past Watfotd has put certain players on the guard that a 10 goal mark is not beyond the reach of the Citizens.

“They will do it to somebody, there will be a nine or 10 out there soon,” Foster of Watford said.

“As a goalie, coming here in the first place it’s almost an achievement to keep it at one or two goals. At times, if they’re on it, they are incredible.

“They were scary at times. It was just relentless. You could see them opening us up and the chances developing in front of your eyes. It was absolutely no fun. In all honesty, it could have been double digits.”

Manchester City players however are remaining grounded.

“We are just doing our job,” said Fernandinho, who was untested in a defensive role forced on him by injuries to team-mates.

“It was a good result and the performance, the way we played, five in the first half – all good.

“If you look at the second half, we had the same intensity. This is the best way to build a very good team, to fight for titles – the best way to play every game.”

“Liverpool know that for sure – they know it,” Fernandinho added. “We know in football everything can happen. Sometimes we play so good and make a very good performance but don’t score any goals, now we’ve scored a lot of goals.

“We just try to play our football. After what happened against Norwich there had to be a response for the fans.

“The best way to play football is to try to win. It doesn’t matter how many goals you score but now, when we are playing, the most important thing is three points.”

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