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Chelsea coach Antonio Conte fuming over fixtures in astonishing rant


Chelsea FC head coach Antonio Conte has once again complained about their heavily congested fixtures this month in an astonishing rant today.

Conte is furious as Chelsea had a day less of rest compared to Newcastle and he says it’s the fourth time in 14 matches that the club have had less days of rest compared to their opponents.

“I’m not stupid. If someone wants to joke with me I’m not the right person to joke with.

“Newcastle played on Tuesday night, we played on Wednesday night and now we have to play again on Saturday at 12:30.  It can happen once. Against Watford we should have played on Monday and then they changed it to Saturday at 12.30 after we played on Wednesday.

“Twice it can happen. Against Man City. The third time, you start to be perplexed.

“And now against Newcastle. I don’t want advantages for my team. I want the same rest as our opponents. It’s very difficult to do this? I don’t think so. I think now there is a strange coincidence.”

Conte even came close to implying that the Premier League are conspiring against his Chelsea side this season.

“Now we have 11 points less than Manchester City. Yes, but if you remember when we played Manchester City they rested one day more than us.

“We played against Liverpool, Liverpool rested one day more than us. Now again, in only 14 games, four times. It is very difficult to think that this is a coincidence. Honestly.”

Conte was sent off in their midweek game against Swansea for shouting at the officials and has accepted an £8,000 fine.

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