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Gareth Bale needs to push himself at Tottenham

Gareth Bale needs to push himself at Tottenham

Gareth Bale’s loanee mentality is holding him back at Tottenham.

Bale returned to Spurs in the summer transfer window for a year-long loan from Real Madrid.

So far the Welshman has failed to make an impact in Mourinho’s set-up this season.

The 31-year old forward has scored twice in 10 appearances across all competitions this campaign and Glen Hoddle believes he needs to rebuild his confidence and be more consistent on the pitch.

“I always said when he came back that I do not think we should expect anywhere near the same Gareth Bale that left Tottenham or achieved what he did at Real Madrid,” the Spurs legend told the Evening Standard.

“Do not forget that he has not actually been playing in the main Spurs team. Jose Mourinho has not seen enough from him and I have not seen enough from him.

“Gareth has had time to get fit and has got fitter, so I do not think it is his fitness now. It is a mentality with him now.

“He has to push himself more, physically and mentally, and he could be like a brand new player waiting to join this Tottenham squad.

“He has just been on the periphery and he has to be a little bit more, ‘I am the man, you have got to give me the ball’.

“Gareth is not going to be running past four or five players like he used to but I think he can create. He has a good pass on him and with more time on the pitch he will get a good link with Harry Kane and Heung min-Son.

“One of the things Tottenham are lacking is creativity. There is not that creative spark. Gareth Bale coming back would be sensational. But he has more to show.”


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