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Yaya Toure reveals why he thinks Pep Guardiola is unhappy

Yaya Toure reveals why he thinks Pep Guardiola is unhappy

Pep Guardiola was very unhappy on Sunday.

Monday things got worse for him as his star player Raheem Sterling was sent home from the England squad for busting up with Liverpool defender Joe Gomez over Sunday’s match. Hence, Yaya Toure thinks Pep will be very unhappy with Gareth Southgate’s decision to only punish Raheem Sterling and not Joe Gomez over the bust up.

Both players seemed to be fault for whatever happened on Sunday and hence maybe Southgate should have not judged only based on Monday’s actions. Even if he did, maybe a warning would have sufficed. Tensions were high after all.

“Pep Guardiola could be a little bit disappointed with him (Southgate),” Toure told Sky Sports News.

“Raheem is still young and learning. If my player acted like that, being angry and showing himself like this, I would be very happy. This means he wants to win and achieve – that is important. A player without this character, for me, is nonsense.

“I think people are overreacting because in training this can happen. In the game they were face to face and then straight to the international team.

“The manager does not have to be involved. It’s not good for the player’s mentality. Raheem is one of the best players in England at the moment.”

Toure went on to point out the pressures bearing on Sterling, adding:

“For him to be in this kind of situation – with all the pressure around him and on his shoulders, he has to deal with racism, plus the fact he was playing at Anfield where the fans are booing him – it can affect him.”

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