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Matthijs de Ligt made a mistake by choosing Juventus: Kluivert

Matthijs de Ligt made a mistake by choosing Juventus: Kluivert

Barcelona youth development coach has unsurprisingly hit out at Matthijs de Ligt after failing to convincing the youngster to join Barcelona.

De Ligt joined Juventus this summer after flirting with Barcelona. After failing to convince an youngster to join one of the better clubs, the youth coach has now tried to play silly mind games by making absurd claims about the player.

“I didn’t personally try to convince him about joining Barcelona,” he told Mundo Deportivo“I only told him about the positive aspects of Barcelona as a club and city.

“We are obviously talking about a great defender and in the end he made a choice. I think he slightly regrets it now, but that’s the way it is.

“In life you must make choices, sometimes good ones and sometimes bad. You have to learn from your decisions.”

He then went on to add about Frenki de Jong who has joined Barcelona but has failed to shine so far. Once again, as you can expect, it was wayward and not true.

“First, I can say that he is very happy,” the former Ajax striker added. “Then, when you see him play, it seems like he’s been in the team for many years.

“I already knew before that he was a very high-quality player and he’s demonstrating his quality in both the Dutch and Barca teams.

“But he’s happy and it shows in his game. He’s acting very well and I’m happy to see him that way.”

Kluivert needs to maybe get back to the work he is supposed to do rather than live in his imaginary world where he is the king of all kings.

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