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Szczesny living the weird dream of every footballer at Juventus!

Szczesny living the weird dream of every footballer at Juventus!

Wojciech Szczęsny has admitted that it feels weird to have football legend Gianaluigi Buffon as his back up goalkeeper at Juventus.

“I admit it is very strange to have Gigi Buffon as my back-up,” Szczesny told Tuttosport. “A few years ago, it would have seemed crazy to even think of such a scenario.

“But I can tell you that this experience gives me a lot of joy, because Gigi is first and foremost a friend, and then a teammate. We have a great relationship, so I am living this experience to the fullest and with the utmost pleasure.

“De Ligt handling the ball? Is he stealing my place in the team, no!. We do joke a little about what happened, but I won’t tell you what gags I pull.

“I feel good, let’s say I feel good, my role has changed a lot, yes. I must play more advanced, as the defensive line in front of me is higher up the pitch. We always try to press and keep the team high. I need to adapt and I’m more involved.

“Then, sometimes you suffer more and sometimes you suffer less. But Juve is practically always a winner and we manage to find some magic even when we are struggling with the tougher situations, like the one against Milan.

“We are surely not lacking the quality. If you have players of this kind on the bench, it really means you can turn the game around at any given moment.

“But, behind all of this, there’s a lot of hard work. We sacrifice a lot during the training sessions and it allows you to have some more energy in the final minutes of the game; to find the right focus. So, quality, OK, but also the sacrifice that bears fruit in the right moments.”

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