FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List – Since 1991 to 2015

 FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List – Since 1991 to 2015

FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List

FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List? Who are the FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers? Have you ever wanted to find out the FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List? well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List. Women’s football is not as popular as males football but here at equality is our priority.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is a competition contested by female senior national teams, who are members of FIFA, global football governing body. In this list we look at the top goal scorers in the FIFA World Cup since it’s inauguration in 1991 to the last World Cup held in 2015. The tournament is held after every four years.

2015 Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorer!

FIFA Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers List

Let’s have a highlight from 2015 Women’s World Cup. Who was the top goal scorer in the 2015 Women’s World Cup? Germany’s Célia Šašić and United states Carli Lloyd were the top goal scorers both scoring 6 goals each but Carli Lloyd won the award for Best Player of the Tournament.

Here is a top ten list of the top goal scorers at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup!

#PlayerTeamGoals (Penalty)
1.Carli LloydUSA USA6 (2)
 Célia ŠašićGermany Germany6 (2)
3.Anja MittagGermany Germany5 (0)
4.Ramona BachmannSwitzerland Switzerland3 (1)
 Marie-Laure DelieFrance France3 (0)
 Gaëlle EnganamouitCameroon Cameroon3 (1)
 Ada HegerbergNorway Norway3 (0)
 Fabienne HummSwitzerland Switzerland3 (0)
 Eugénie Le SommerFrance France3 (0)
 Kyah SimonAustralia Australia3 (0)
 Fara WilliamsEngland England3 (3)

Full List of the All Time Women’s World Cup Top Goal Scorers

Here is the full list of the all time leading goal scorers at the FIFA Women’s World Cup! Enjoy!

1Marta * Brazil171530.88
2Birgit Prinz Germany241400.58
 Abby Wambach USA251410.56
4Michelle Akers USA131220.92
5Wen Sun China201110.55
 Bettina Wiegmann Germany221160.50
7Ann-Kristin Aarones Norway111000.91
 Heidi Mohr Germany121000.83
9Linda Medalen Norway17900.53
 Hege Riise Norway22910.41
 Christine Sinclair * Canada17910.53
12Kerstin Garefrekes Germany16800.50
 Mia Hamm USA23810.35
 Kristine Lilly USA30800.27
 Ailing Liu China16800.50
 Marianne Pettersen Norway15800.53
 Célia Šašić Germany11820.73
 Homare Sawa Japan24800.33
19Cristiane * Brazil17710.41
 Lisa De Vanna * Australia13700.54
 Carli Lloyd * USA18720.39
 Tiffeny Milbrett USA18700.39
 Sissi Brazil9700.78
24Ragnhild Gulbrandsen Norway9600.67
 Carin Jennings-Gabarra USA6601.00
 Katia Brazil12610.50
 Maren Meinert Germany16600.38
 Aya Miyama Japan17620.35
 Victoria Svensson Sweden13600.46
 Lena Videkull Sweden9600.67
31Marie-Laure Delie * France9500.56
 Inka Grings Germany8510.63
 Renate Lingor Germany15510.33
 Hanna Ljungberg Sweden12500.42
 Anja Mittag * Germany8500.63
 Pretinha Brazil14500.36
 Kyah Simon * Australia8500.63
 Pia Sundhage Sweden10510.50
 Tisha Venturini USA8500.63
 Fara Williams * England13540.38
41Anneli Andelen Sweden10400.40
 Julie Foudy USA24410.17
 Solveig Gulbrandsen Norway19400.21
 April Heinrichs USA5400.80
 Isabell Herlovsen * Norway10400.40
 Charmaine Hooper Canada12400.33
 Dagny Mellgren Norway9400.44
 Carolina Morace Italy4401.00
 Yūki Nagasato * Japan16400.25
 Cindy Parlow USA11400.36

All Time Leading Goal Scorer!

Who is the All time leading goal scorer in the FIFA Women’s World Cup? Brazilian Mata with 15 goals scored in just 17 matches for the Brazilians in the world Cup finals. In second is Germany star player Birgit Prinz with 14 goals in 24 matches for the Germans in the FIFA World Cup.

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