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How Arsenal missed out on David Villa


Spanish sports expert Guillem Balague has revealed to Sky Sports News the truth behind David Villa’s move to Atletico Madrid and has also revealed why Premier League side Arsena missed out on signing him this summer.

The Gunners made a formal approach to FC Barcelona back in January for the wantaway striker, but despite not playing him, the Catalan club were desperate to keep the Spanish international.

However, just months after rejecting the sale of David Villa, the 31-year-old left the Nou Camp and joined Madrid for just £2.3million.

It was reported that Barca were not interesting in selling him at all in January, but told Arsenal that if they came back in the summer, they could possibly strike up a deal, however, Balague has revealed that Arsenal never got back in touch about the striker.

“In January Arsenal came and offered a four-year deal, about 20m euros, and some money for Barcelona. Barcelona said they were not selling,” Balague told Revista.

“So I think that David Villa, who took his kids to a British school, expected Arsenal to come back but they didn’t, because they saw that David Villa in the last six months was not happy and wasn’t playing well, and they probably thought he is not what he was.

“Atletico Madrid came in and they got a deal for 2.5m euros – that is all for the first year. If he stays for three years it is 4.6m euros. Why so cheap? I found out that Barcelona have a first option on [18-year-old Atletico midfielder] Oliver Torres.

“Now if Atletico fans find out about that they might not be happy but it is one way of Barcelona saying they are getting rid of a big wage and getting a first option on this guy, and let go someone who was not happy either.”

Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt

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