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Ian Rush Hails Aaron Ramsey’s Juventus Move


Liverpool legend Ian Rush has hailed Aaron Ramsey’s scheduled move to Juventus.

The Arsenal midfielder has signed a pre-contract with the Italian club and will move to Turin in the summer. The midfielder was supposed to sign a contract extension but Unai Emery’s reported intervention influenced the Gunners to back out from the deal.

Since then there hasn’t been any offers on the table for the Welsh midfielder and the midfielder is due to end his long term association with the North Londoners. He is on the verge of becoming the second highest paid player in the Serie-A after Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rush who also donned the black and whites stripes praised the move. “Times have changed. When I was there I had to do everything myself.

“Now it’s moved on that much that everything is done for them and the most important thing for him is to concentrate on his football, his attacking play and all that.

“He’ll learn the language when he’s ready and that’s what it’s all about. He’s got six months to learn it, I had 12 months as well.

“The most important thing in Italy is you have to be confident in what you do. If I went to Italy now, I would tell them: ‘I’m Ian Rush, I’m the best footballer in the world.’

“If I had done that for Liverpool, the other teams would say: ‘OK, let’s see how good you are.’ It’s completely different to the English way, the English helped each other.

“First impressions [are] a big thing in Italy and I would say to Aaron: ‘Go there, be confident and tell them how good you are’ and all that, give them one sentence in Italian and his first impression that will be job done for him.”

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