Islam Feruz regrets his Chelsea move

The youngster believes he should have stayed at Celtic instead

Islam Feruz has claimed he wishes he had stayed at Celtic, rather than moved to Chelsea when he was younger.

The forward still plays for the Blues and it looked like he could develop into a top player. At Celtic he impressed many but after having his head turned by agents and deciding to move to Chelsea, it has been downhill from there.

He’s been on several different loan spells that have failed to work out and he is yet to make a first-team appearance at Stamford Bridge.

Excel Mouscron is the club he is currently out on loan at this year and he has made two appearances for that side so far this year.

Regrets decision to move

Speaking in an interview to the Daily Mail today though, he claimed he wished he had stayed at Celtic when he had the chance to. Feruz said: “I’m not going into every detail but if I could turn the clock back then I would definitely have stayed at Celtic for longer.

“That would have given me more experience and a better chance of playing first-team football. Listen, I had my head turned at 15 years of age.

“I didn’t realise there was money involved in football. I just played football for the love of the game.”

Ultimately, it was the lure of agents and money that ended up getting him that move away from Celtic and now it is clear that he certainly regrets that decision.

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