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Jose Mourinho refuses to back his team


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has refused to back his squad following a disappointing transfer window. Manchester United have their third league game against Tottenham today. And they will be hoping to come  back from their disappointing loss to Brighton last weekend.

When asked if he was pleased with his squad, Jose Mourinho replied, “You know my answer. I do not need to answer because I do not even know sometimes why I am here because you [the media] know everything. During the week it looks like you show that you know everything then I come here and you ask me questions. It’s a bit strange.”

The Portuguese however, praised United’ s supporters, calling them fantastic. He said, “The supporters were fantastic in both matches [against Leicester City and Brighton]. Not for me, for the team, which is the only thing that matters. In my career I was never selfish and thinking about myself, I was always a club man. That’s what I am. I am really happy when the supporters support the team.

Against Leicester, you can say in a normal situation because the team was playing well and was winning. To be supportive of the team against Brighton, where we didn’t play well and lost the match, it gives you a fantastic feeling. I hope that feeling, the players also feel it and the players are ready to give them everything they have.”


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