Manchester City Burries Claims Of Unsold Tickets For Liverpool Fixture

Manchester City have been poked fun at in recent times by Manchester United and Liverpool fans for not being able to sell out the Etihad for the upcoming fixture against the league leaders.

However, those claims turned out to be false as Manchester Evening News reports that all tickets have been sold out. The rumours started over a misleading message on City’s official website which read –  “On sale now to supporters who have previously attended a first-team match at the Etihad Stadium prior to the 2018/19 season. Limited to 4 tickets per supporter.”

Of course, plenty of people were shocked to see four tickets still up for grabs for a single customer. That message is only shown on City’s website if a season card holder states to the club that he/she will not be attending the game for that particular game.

The avalanche of banter from rival fans shocked the City faithful, who themselves have been unable to score tickets for the highly anticipated match.

The game remains a must-win for Pep Guardiola’s men if they wish to retain their spot at the very top of the Premier League. The Reds are still 7 points ahead of them and looking exactly as dominating as City did last season around this period.

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Why Manchester City must win against Liverpool

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