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Micah Richards sparks debate with controversial claim about Mohamed Salah’s playing style

Mohamed Salah with his first golden boot in the 17/18 season
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Pundit Micah Richards labels Mohamed Salah as a one-dimensional goal scorer

Micah Richards, a former Premier League player turned pundit, made an intriguing claim regarding Liverpool’s star attacker, Mohamed Salah, in a recent episode of the BBC Match of the Day Top 10 Podcast.

Richards, renowned for his unabashed analysis, believed that strong Premier League front threes require a pure goal scorer. He used Salah as an example, suggesting that the Egyptian international is only concerned with scoring goals and making runs behind the defense.

Richards criticized Salah’s capabilities beyond scoring goals during the podcast, claiming that Salah’s playing style is very one-dimensional. He praised Salah’s ability to assist, but said that these assists are frequently simple and do not involve complicated dribbling or creating chances by beating numerous opponents.

“You all have to know your role, you have someone to score the goals, someone to link it all together and someone with a lot of pace. You look at Liverpool, Salah scores all the goals, he doesn’t do a lot else really,” Richards said.

Gary Lineker, who was also on the show, interrupted by mentioning Salah’s impressive assist total, hinting that Salah does more than simply score goals. Richards, on the other hand, stayed adamant in his belief that Salah’s abilities lie in goal scoring rather than a wide-ranging approach to the game.

“Salah doesn’t do more than score goals? He’s got quite a lot of assists you know,” Lineker said.

“Yeah, but it’s rolls across the box, it’s not like dribbling past three players and then, that’s what I’d say,” Richards stated.

This take on Salah’s playing style has stirred disagreement among football fans, with some agreeing with Richards and others underlining Salah’s versatility and effect beyond scoring goals.

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