Nations League Fixtures: England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

Nations League Fixtures: England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

Nations League Fixtures 2020! Here we have the Nations League Fixtures in full here!

So who are in the fixtures list for England in Nations League? And what about Scotland in Nations League Fixtures? Wales are also in contention so who are they playing in the Nations League?

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Portugal won the Nations League 2019-20. The 2020-21 version is upon us.

The system: Nations League Fixtures 2020

UEFA’s most current national-group rivalry, the UEFA Nations League was formulated to supplant friendlies with serious matches, permitting countries to play against similarly positioned groups.

The 55 affiliations were part into four Leagues as indicated by their situation in the UEFA National Team Coefficient Rankings following the 2018/19 debut UEFA Nations League. Another alliance structure was presented after the principal release, containing 16 groups in Leagues A, B and C and seven groups in League D. The four gathering champs of the top-positioned League A fit the bill for the UEFA Nations League Finals.

The gathering champs in Leagues B, C and D will pick up advancement. The individuals who finish the base of the gatherings in Leagues An and B will be consigned. Two League C groups will be consigned to League D for the third version of the opposition in 2022/23. Those two groups are dictated by end of the season games (home and away) between the four fourth-positioned groups from each League C gathering.

The four gathering champs of League A fit the bill for the UEFA Nations League finals. The knockout competition will be facilitated by one of the group of four.

Nations League draw to watch in full:

What are the Nations League draws in full?

Nations League Groups

League A

Group 1: Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Netherlands

Group 2: Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, England

Group 3: Croatia, Sweden, France, Portugal

Group 4: Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

League B

Group 1: Romania, Northern Ireland, Norway, Austria

Group 2: Israel, Slovakia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group 3: Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Russia

Group 4: Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Wales

League C

Group 1: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro

Group 2: Armenia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Georgia

Group 3: Moldova, Slovenia, Kosovo, Greece

Group 4: Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Albania

League D

Group 1: Malta, Andorra, Latvia, Faroe Islands

Nations League Fixtures:


Here are the matchday 1 fixtures

2020-09-0320:45Germany vs Spain
2020-09-0320:45Ukraine vs Switzerland
2020-09-0320:45Russia vs Serbia
2020-09-0320:45Turkey vs Hungary
2020-09-0320:45Bulgaria vs Republic of Ireland
2020-09-0320:45Finland vs Wales
2020-09-0320:45Moldova vs Kosovo
2020-09-0320:45Slovenia vs Greece
2020-09-0320:45Faroe Islands vs Malta
2020-09-0320:45Latvia vs Andorra


2020-09-0420:45Italy vs Bosnia
2020-09-0420:45Netherlands vs Poland
2020-09-0420:45Norway vs Austria
2020-09-0420:45Romania vs Northern Ireland
2020-09-0420:45Scotland vs Israel
2020-09-0420:45Slovakia vs Czech Republic
2020-09-0420:45Belarus vs Albania
2020-09-0420:45Lithunia vs Kazakhstan

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

2020-09-0515:00North Macedonia vs Armenia
2020-09-0515:00Gibraltar vs San Marino
2020-09-0518:00Iceland vs England
2020-09-0518:00Azerbaijan vs Luxemborg
2020-09-0518:00Cyprus vs Montenegro
2020-09-0518:00Estonia vs Georgia
2020-09-0520:45Denmark vs Belgium
2020-09-0520:45Portugal vs Croatia
2020-09-0520:45Sweden vs France


Here are the matchday 2 fixtures

2020-09-0615:00Wales vs Bulgaria
2020-09-0615:00Andorra vs Faroe Islands
2020-09-0618:00Hungary vs Russia
2020-09-0618:00Republic of Ireland vs Finland
2020-09-0618:00Slovenia vs Moldova
2020-09-0620:45Spain vs Ukraine
2020-09-0620:45Switzerland vs Germany
2020-09-0620:45Serbia vs Turkey
2020-09-0620:45Kosovo vs Greece
2020-09-0620:45Malta vs Latvia


2020-09-0716:00Kazakhstan vs Belarus
2020-09-0720:45Bosnia-Herzegovina v Poland
2020-09-0720:45Netherlands vs Italy
2020-09-0720:45Austria vs Romania
2020-09-0720:45Northern Ireland vs Norway
2020-09-0720:45Czech Republic vs Scotland
2020-09-0720:45Israel vs Slovakia
2020-09-0720:45Albania vs Lithuania


2020-09-0818:00Armenia vs Estonia
2020-09-0818:00Georgia vs North Macedonia
2020-09-0820:45Belgium vs Iceland
2020-09-0820:45Denmark vs England
2020-09-0820:45France vs Croatia
2020-09-0820:45Sweden vs Portugal
2020-09-0820:45Cyprus vs Azerbaijan
2020-09-0820:45Luxembourg vs Montenegro
2020-09-0820:45San Marino vs Liechtenstein


Here are the matchday 3 fixtures

2020-10-0818:00Armenia vs Georgia
2020-10-0820:45Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Netherlands
2020-10-0820:45Poland vs Italy
2020-10-0820:45Northern Ireland vs Austria
2020-10-0820:45Norway vs Romania
2020-10-0820:45Israel vs Czech Republic
2020-10-0820:45Scotland vs Slovakia
2020-10-0820:45Estonia vs North Macedonia
2020-10-0820:45Liechtenstein vs Gibraltar

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

2020-10-0920:45England vs Belgium
2020-10-0920:45Iceland vs Denmark
2020-10-0920:45Croatia vs Sweden
2020-10-0920:45France vs Portugal
2020-10-0920:45Russia vs Turkey
2020-10-0920:45Serbia vs Hungary
2020-10-0920:45Luxembourg vs Cyprus
2020-10-0920:45Montenegro vs Azerbaijan
2020-10-0920:45Andorra vs Malta
2020-10-0920:45Faroe Islands vs Latvia


2020-10-1015:00Republic of Ireland vs Wales
2020-10-1015:00Kazakhstan vs Albania
2020-10-1018:00Finland vs Bulgaria
2020-10-1018:00Lithuania vs Belarus
2020-10-1020:45Spain vs Switzerland
2020-10-1020:45Ukraine vs Germany
2020-10-1020:45Greece vs Moldova
2020-10-1020:45Kosovo vs Slovenia


Here are the matchday 4 fixtures

2020-10-1115:00Scotland vs Czech Republic
2020-10-1118:00Norway vs Northern Ireland
2020-10-1118:00Estonia vs Armenia
2020-10-1118:00North Macedonia vs Georgia
2020-10-1118:00Liechtenstein vs San Marino
2020-10-1120:45Italy vs Netherlands
2020-10-1120:45Poland vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
2020-10-1120:45Romania vs Austria
2020-10-1120:45Slovakia vs Israel


2020-10-1220:45Azerbaijan vs Cyprus
2020-10-1220:45England vs Denmark
2020-10-1220:45Iceland vs Belgium
2020-10-1220:45Croatia vs France
2020-10-1220:45Portugal vs Sweden
2020-10-1220:45Russia vs Hungary
2020-10-1220:45Turkey vs Serbia
2020-10-1220:45Montenegro vs Luxembourg
2020-10-1220:45Faroe Islands vs Andorra
2020-10-1220:45Latvia vs Malta

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

2020-10-1320:45Germany vs Switzerland
2020-10-1320:45Ukraine vs Spain
2020-10-1320:45Bulgaria vs Wales
2020-10-1320:45Finland vs Republic of Ireland
2020-10-1320:45Greece vs Kosovo
2020-10-1320:45Moldova vs Slovenia
2020-10-1320:45Belarus vs Kazakhstan
2020-10-1320:45Lithuania vs Albania


Here are the matchday 5 fixtures

2020-11-1218:00Azerbaijan vs Montenegro
2020-11-1218:00Belarus vs Lithuania
2020-11-1220:45Belgium vs England
2020-11-1220:45Denmark vs Iceland
2020-11-1220:45Portugal vs France
2020-11-1220:45Sweden vs Croatia
2020-11-1220:45Cyprus vs Luxembourg
2020-11-1220:45Albania vs Kazakhstan


2020-11-1318:00Georgia vs Armenia
2020-11-1320:45Germany vs Ukraine
2020-11-1320:45Switzerland vs Spain
2020-11-1320:45Bulgaria vs Finland
2020-11-1320:45Wales v Republic of Ireland
2020-11-1320:45North Macedonia vs Estonia
2020-11-1320:45Moldova vs Greece
2020-11-1320:45Slovenia vs Kosovo
2020-11-1320:45San Marino vs Gibraltar


2020-11-1415:00Czech Republic vs Israel
2020-11-1415:00Malta vs Andorra
2020-11-1418:00Romania vs Norway
2020-11-1418:00Slovakia vs Scotland
2020-11-1418:00Turkey vs Russia
2020-11-1418:00Latvia vs Faroe Islands
2020-11-1420:45Italy vs Poland
2020-11-1420:45Netherlands vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
2020-11-1420:45Austria vs Northern Ireland
2020-11-1420:45Hungary vs Serbia


Here are the matchday 6 fixtures

2020-11-1515:00Albania vs Belarus
2020-11-1515:00Kazakhstan vs Lithuania
2020-11-1518:00Belgium vs Denmark
2020-11-1518:00England vs Iceland
2020-11-1520:45Croatia vs Portugal
2020-11-1520:45France vs Sweden
2020-11-1520:45Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan
2020-11-1520:45Montenegro vs Cyprus

Nations League Fixtures - England, Scotland, Wales fixtures in UEFA Nations League 2020!

2020-11-1618:00Armenia vs North Macedonia
2020-11-1618:00Georgia vs Estonia
2020-11-1620:45Spain vs Germany
2020-11-1620:45Switzerland vs Ukraine
2020-11-1620:45Republic of Ireland vs Bulgaria
2020-11-1620:45Wales vs Finland
2020-11-1620:45Greece vs Slovenia
2020-11-1620:45Kosovo vs Moldova
2020-11-1620:45Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein


2020-11-1720:45Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Italy
2020-11-1720:45Poland vs Netherlands
2020-11-1720:45Austria vs Norway
2020-11-1720:45Northern Ireland vs Romania
2020-11-1720:45Czech Republic vs Slovakia
2020-11-1720:45Israel vs Scotland
2020-11-1720:45Hungary vs Turkey
2020-11-1720:45Serbia vs Russia
2020-11-1720:45Andorra vs Latvia
2020-11-1720:45Malta vs Faroe Islands

Nations League Fixtures: England

Nations League Fixtures

England have a comparitively easy group. In the group stages they have Iceland, Belgium and Denmark. Belgium is expected to be the real challenge but England should be winning against Denmark and Iceland!

Nations League Fixtures: Wales

Wales have Finland, Bulgaria and Republic of Ireland! It is a very even group and all 4 teams are pretty equally matched. No one is an outright favorite and they all have good chances. In fact due to players like Bale and Ramsey, and their brilliant performances recently in Euro competitions, Wales might just be a tip ahead.

Nations League Fixtures: Scotland

They have Israel, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Czech Republic is a challenge for them but Israel and Slovakia should be comparatively easy to beat for Scotland! They have a new found spirit and under the captaincy of Andy Robertson, they can be a threat!

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