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Serie A suspended amid Coronavirus fears

Serie A suspended amid Coronavirus fears

Serie A has been suspended in Italy. It is official.

The spread of the coronavirus in Northern Italy has been rampant. The count in the peninsular country has gone up by 97 from 9th March to 10th March.

The Serie A officials last week ordered the commencement of all matches in Italy in empty stadiums – behind closed doors with no fans allowed to assemble inside or outside the stadium in wake of the spreading of the coronavirus.

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has approved the decision of the Italian National Olympic Committee’s decision to suspend all sporting events in the country until April 3, 2020.

The country, in general, has been put on lockdown as gatherings apart from work or emergency has been called off. A total of 9172 people have been affected in the country

“There is no more time, the numbers tell us there is a significant increase in the contagion, in intensive care and deaths,” PM Conte said in a news conference.

“Our habits have to change, we must sacrifice something for the good of all of Italy. This is why we will adopt even more stringent measures.”

“I will sign the new decree, which can be summed up with the phrase ‘I am staying at home’. There are no more red zones, there is just an Italy that is protected.”

“We must avoid travel unless for proven work reasons, health reasons or other necessities. We ban large public gatherings.”

“We also have more stringent measures in mind for sporting events. Serie A and all sporting tournaments, in general, are suspended. All the fans must accept that.”

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