SillySeason End of Season Awards

Writers from SillySeason pick their winners from 11 categories

The Premier League campaign is over and all that is left to do is host an end of season awards ceremony.

All the official awards have been decided and it was Chelsea Football Club that cleaned up with Eden Hazard and Jose Mourinho taking home the prestigious awards, but here at SillySeason we have come up with 11 categories to give everyone a chance of winning something.

The 11 categories are; Manager of the Season, Signing of the Season, Flop of the Season, Goal of the Season, Save of the Season, Game of the Season, LOL of the Season, Moment of the Season, Underachievers of the Season, Overachievers of the Season and Shock Talent of the Season.

Each category has five nominees chosen by lead-writer Alex Batt, but Goal of the Season has seven possible options.

So without further ado, lets get on win the awards voted by our team of 20 writers.

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