Thauvin Says He Could Have Earned More At Newcastle

Florian Thauvin has said that he could have earned more at Newcastle United than he is currently earning at Marseille.

He also said that Dmitri Payet also took a pay cut to return to Ligue 1 from West Ham United.

Marseille star Florian Thauvin has said that he could have earned more if he would have stuck with Premier League club Newcastle United rather than making a return to Ligue 1. He also added that the same thing goes for his teammate Dmitri Payet, who took a pay cut to return to Marseille from West Ham United.

Speaking to the media as his future at the French outfit hangs in a thread, the French ace said, “My renewal? There has never been an argument between me and the club.”

The player also added, “And about the rumours of a dissatisfaction with my salary, I can say that it is absolutely not true. And I showed it, agreeing to come back here by taking a third of what I was earning [at Newcastle]. The same for Dimitri who would have earned a lot more money by staying at West Ham.”

There has been a dilemma over the player’s future at the club but Thauvin has said that there has never been any argument of any sorts between him and Marseille.

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