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Olympique de Marseille also known as l'OM; is a French football club in the city with the same name, founded in 1899. The club plays in Ligue 1 and has spent most of their history in the top tier of French football.

Marseille titles

In 2010, l'OM won their first Ligue 1 title in 18 years under the managing of former club captain Didier Deschamps. In 1993, Raymond Goethals, the then coach, led the club to become the first and only French club to win the UEFA Champions League by defeating AC Milan 1–0 in final. Till date, no other French club has won the prestigious title. Even PSG haven't made it past the Quarter-Finals of the competition. Domestically, l'OM has won: 10 official league titles (nine times in Ligue 1) 10 Coupe de France 3 Coupe de la Ligue 3 Trophée des champions 1 Coupe Charles Drago In international club football, l'OM was: 1 UEFA Champions League 2 UEFA Intertoto Cup The home ground has a 67,000-person-capacity, 2nd highest in France. The stadium, Stade Vélodrome, is located in the southern part of the city, where they have played since 1937 and has a large fan-base. Marseille transfer news Marseille players transfer news is something that was heard about a lot this season. There were a lot of rumours and speculations about players moving to l'OM. The club eventually signed 9 new players this summer to replace the players they had sold, 12 to be precise, to the other clubs.   The club's most expensive signing is Dimitri Payet. He joined the French side from West Ham United for a fee of €29.3m in the 2016/17 season. He is one of the most important players in the squad right now.

Marseille transfer rumours

There is always some news and rumours when it comes to l'OM. Unless you follow the French League, you would think otherwise. There are various French site and newspapers with the Marseille transfer rumours. 

Marseille streaming

L'OM is a team that has a huge history and because of it, it has a huge fanbase. They last won the league in 2009-10 season. There are many fans who want to see Marseille live stream and follow the club every week.  Marseille live stream online free is something that interests many. There are many different streaming sites, gaming companies and betting pages with live stream. You can watch all TV broadcasts from the French League and the various domestic and European cups the club takes part in. The fans in the city are absolutely crazy about football and follow their team week-in-week-out. 

Marseille fixtures

Fixtures Marseille? The Ligue 1 is determined after the end of 38 gameweeks. This means that the club plays 38 matches just in the league itself. They also play in the various domestic cups and in Europe. This totals to more or less 50-60 matches in a season. That's why their schedule is often packed. You should not be surprised to see l'OM playing two matches in a week sometimes.  When it comes to Marseille fixtures and schedule, it's possible to see when the team is playing their next match in Ligue 1's game schedule.

Marseille match today?

It's easy to find when l'OM is playing their next match. They often play on Saturdays when it comes to league games and on Thursdays in the Europa League. To be absolutely sure we have collected all the matches in one and the same place.

Marseille Champions League 

l'OM last played in the Champions League in 2013/14 season where the club failed to move past the group stage. Since then, the club has not featured in the Champions League. This year, they are playing in the Europa League and are in the Quarter-Finals of the tournament so far.  The club holds the record for the first and only French club to win the Champions League in 1993 when they defeated AC Milan 1-0.

Marseille's next game

When does l'OM play next? There are many who want to see the team play because of various reasons. They are a young team having many talented players. 

Marseille starting lineup

The manager is Rudi García. Looking at Marseille players and the squad, they have many quality players like Dimitri Payet, Yusuf Sari, Aymen Abdennour, etc. It is a young squad which has the hunger to win!  

Marseille news

There is always some news surrounding the French club. They are challenging to get back into the Champions LeagueThe club does not pay some of the highest wages in Europe. But, the bonus allows the players to earn more. 

Marseille latest news

Olympique M news is often about the game but there are other interesting things to look at. Like tickets, shirts and match kits. There are many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or desktop. Check out the twitter and official website to find out more about the club.