Top 10 celebrity Arsenal fans in 2018- Famous supporters of Arsenal

Top 10 celebrity Arsenal fans

Top 10 Celebrity Arsenal fans 2018

Some world-famous names are fanatical about the north London club- The top Celebrity Arsenal fans in 2018.

Arsenal are a massive football club, there is no question about it. But the Gunners’ stature in world football is quite incredible when you see the list of celebrities who have a fond association with the club. So here are the top Celebrity Arsenal fans 2018.

Supporting a team is no longer about going down to your local club on a Saturday afternoon anymore; the commercial nature of the game has opened up supporting Arsenal, like so many other big clubs worldwide, to people across the globe. Here we will look at the Top Celebrity Arsenal fans in 2018.

Usain Bolt is a Manchester United fan, Mike Myers a supporter of Liverpool, Will Ferrell a fan of Chelsea, the list goes on…

Here at Silly Season, we bring you the Top 10 celebrity Arsenal fans from around the world.

Piers Morgan

Celebrity Arsenal fans Piers Morgan

You probably took a double take when you saw Piers Morgan on this list, but there’s a reason for it.

Hated by many on social media, the journalist is never shy of calling out Arsenal players, or the manager, on Twitter, criticising Arsene Wenger’s decision making or questioning the board. But that’s why he’s so well known.

Gary Lineker, it’s fair to say, is probably not his biggest fan on Twitter. But Morgan is a big fan of the Gunners – at the end of the day his endless moaning is only because he cares, after all!

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