Top 10 Famous Footballers who’s son’s also played professionally

Famous footballers and sons 2018 Lampard

Top 10 famous footballers and sons 2018

A lot of people aren’t aware that some of the biggest names in football have had children that went onto play professionally. Here we will look at the Top 10 famous footballers and sons.

In this list we count down the Top 10 Famous Footballers and sons also played professionally. This means we’ll be looking at famous footballers and sons who have both played in the top levels of football.

Fathers always have a huge impact on their sons life, and in football – that’s no different. There are actually quite a few famous footballers and sons in football so we couldn’t include all of them.

In some cases, it has been hard for certain footballers’ offspring to step out of their fathers shadow in their career, in others, it’s pretty straight forward.

Top 10 famous footballers and Sons 2018.


Famous footballers and sons

Wright-Phillips is the son of former England international Ian Wright, who adopted him when he was three years old. Shaun Wright-Phillips was a very successful footballer and made his name at Chelsea with his pace and flair down the wing. He later moved to Manchester City and then to the MLS.

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