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Top 5 funny Premier League Transfer Deadline Day moments

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Football were glued to their TVs on Friday as the Premier League transfer window slammed shut.

While it’s very serious business for football fans, the Transfer Deadline Day can also bring about some hilarious moments.

We take a look at five of those:

5. Reporter vs. Tottenham fans

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We’re well used to reporters being harassed by giddy fans as they discuss Deadline Day comings and goings.

Stationed outside White Hart Lane on deadline day in January 2013, this poor reporter was forced to contend with a rowdy group of Spurs fans while trying to update his colleagues in the studio on the north London club’s transfer dealings. He was fondled and heckled throughout the minute-long report, desperately pleading with the group to quieten down at one point.

A particularly mischievous invader even pulled off the classic middle-finger schoolboy trick before the programme director wisely cut back to the studio.


4. Reporter vs. Norwich fans

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As fans gathered up to celebrate the new arrivals, they kind of got too excited. Literally, as you can see on the video.


3. Reporter vs. Everton fans

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Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen at Everton on transfer deadline day in years, an unlucky journalist was blasted in the eardrum by a sex toy.

Right in the middle of giving an update from outside the Merseyside club’s training ground, the oblivious reporter was unaware a group of lads had assembled behind him armed with a blue sex toy. But the phallic missile suddenly appeared on camera before being shoved down the poor bloke’s ear canal.


2. Harry Redknapp’s interview from the window of his car

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Tradition dictated that no transfer deadline day be complete without Harry Redknapp giving an interview while sat behind the wheel of a car.

It is custom that has endured his spells coaching Tottenham, Portsmouth – and now Birmingham, as the now 72-year-old rolled up alongside Sky Sports News cameras to keep the magic alive.


1. Peter Odemwingie outside QPR training ground

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There’s always one player desperate for a move on deadline day that looked close, but ultimately won’t go through. Back in 2013 it was Peter Odemwingie.

Odemwingie drove from the West Midlands to London in an attempt to force through a move from West Brom to QPR and was then forced to drive back in embarrassment.



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