Home Football Trent Alexander-Arnold hires security after being stalked by crazy fan

Trent Alexander-Arnold hires security after being stalked by crazy fan

Trent Alexander-Arnold embracing his new midfield role

Trent Alexander-Arnold added security amidst relentless stalker ordeal

Liverpool and England football sensation Trent Alexander-Arnold has been compelled to bolster his security measures after enduring a relentless onslaught from a fervent stalker over the past year.

The 26-year-old defender, renowned for his prowess on the field, has reportedly enlisted the aid of both a bodyguard and a private investigator to grapple with the harrowing ordeal.

Sources reveal that the relentless pursuit by the unidentified individual has forced Alexander-Arnold to undertake drastic precautions, including changing his mobile number, installing CCTV surveillance, and fortifying his residence with alarms.

Moreover, the football star has resorted to having his mail scrutinized after being inundated with lewd correspondence and materials of a disturbing nature.

Reports suggest that the relentless stalker has demonstrated alarming persistence, appearing uninvited at Alexander-Arnold’s residence, Liverpool’s training grounds, and even his preferred dining establishments.

Disturbingly, not only has the footballer been targeted, but members of his family have also been subjected to a barrage of distressing messages.

A source said: “This has been more than a year of hell for Trent.

“This woman has terrorised him and his family, bombarding him with explicit messages, getting hold of his number and calling him endlessly and sending unhinged letters and obscene materials to his Cheshire home.

“It’s been a really worrying time, and Trent has done his utmost not to let it affect his performances on the pitch.”

This distressing saga has undoubtedly taken a toll on Alexander-Arnold, who, despite the relentless harassment, has strived to maintain his focus and performance on the pitch.

Amidst these troubling developments, management at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium have pledged their unwavering support to Alexander-Arnold, assuring him of their full backing as he grapples with this distressing situation.

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