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Vincent Kompany: This is why Pep is special!


Vincent Kompany has heaped the praise on manager Pep Guardiola, saying that Pep is “special.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Belgian defender pointed out exactly why he feels Guardiola is so special – and why he will have a big part to play in Manchester City as a club in the future.

“Pep’s tactical and technical assessments are like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I think that’s why people enjoy to see him fail,” says the 31-year-old.

“It’s normal, someone that’s been successful that many times, you have one season where it’s not going your way and people want to focus on it – that’s what creates news and creates entertainment.

“But in reality I can vouch for him in the sense that I’ve been around a lot of top people in football and all of them had qualities, but he’s really special. It’s not come off this season but there’s no doubt in my mind that, with the right amount of time and a season where things go a bit more our way, he’s capable of delivering extremely good things.”

Of course, the Belgium international has missed much of the season through injury, but says he’s still seen the team and his own game improve.

“The league is the truth but we’re on the right track, I’ve never been involved in a team that presses like we do today, that keeps possession like we do today, if the key moments improve, then we’re not far off.

“There’s no greater pleasure than to have possession of the ball and to be able to control a game which we do really well, so I have seen progress.

“It’s just that somewhere it’s in there for us to create more chances, it’s in there for us to concede less goals. We’re somewhere down the line in doing it and I feel if we improve in those things we’ll be a special team.”

“When we’ve won the league it’s been a lot down to strength of character and big personalities in the team that carried us over the line in moments when we shouldn’t have been able to win it,” he adds. “We always believed and we kept going.

“With this approach now there’s an opportunity to be more dominant and have a season where we win most games and have a huge tally of points, that’s what I think we can achieve if we work on the big details (like character and resilience) that are still very important in football.”

Kompany is now back, fully fit, and will be hoping to help his side finish in the strongest possible position come May.

Kompany stressed that City has been his life for nearly ten years, and that he has no intentions to leave any time soon.

“It doesn’t take a lot to imagine what City means to me, it’s been my life for the last almost ten years now,” he says. “I’m grateful for what the club has given me and I’ve given everything to the club.

“If I’m there to help this team lift trophies and achieve big things I’ll be proud of it. Until the young guys start running past me in training, which they still don’t at the moment, there’s no need to panic.

“I’m just pleased I don’t need to talk about comeback anymore. I’ve been able to comeback at a high level which is something I’m happy about, not just stand on the pitch but able to perform as well. I didn’t doubt for one second that I would be able to play at that level (again) and even improve. Now as an experienced player I need to focus on helping this team improve and get to the next level.”

Kompany also stressed that City BELONG in the Champions League, and claimed that, while one of the big clubs in England WILL miss out this year – it will NOT be Manchester City.

“It’s the future of the club,” he says. “We belong in the Champions League but that’s the thing for English clubs, there are six or seven clubs that need to be in it each year and only four places, maybe five if United win the Europa League. Inevitably one of the big clubs will miss out, but it can’t be City.”


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