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Youssof Mulumbu wants to leave WBA


Youssof Mulumbu has been a big presence at West Brom and has been a tremendous help toward their promotion and current success in the Premier League. Since he came to the hawthorns four years ago from PSG he has been a main player in the starting line up. Now at the age of 26 he feels he needs to progress forward. He wants to be in the Champions League next season and has said that if a bigger club offers he will definitely go.

Other clubs have shown interest in him and he plans on staying in the Premier League.

Mulumbu said: “They (West Brom) are aware of my ambitions for the future. If I have the opportunity to join a more upscale club, I will. I owe West Brom a lot but now I would only go elsewhere to play in the Europa League or Champions League. I think it is the right time. I have progressed in my game, my game management, mentally, tactically, physically and I am ready to go to a top-four club.”

“Clubs have enquired with West Brom [about a transfer this winter]. There have been approaches. But I do not dwell on it – I leave it for the club and my agent to handle. England is my first destination. I feel good here, there is no longer a language barrier. Beyond that, maybe there are opportunities with other clubs in the Champions League.”

Mulumbu has made 150 appearances for West Brom and forms a great partnership with Claudio Yacob.

By Billy Foster


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