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5 Most Haunted Football Stadiums In The World


Five most haunted Football stadiums in the world today.

A hot topic for a long time has been the existence of ghosts, along with that comes the discussion of haunted places. Watch & Bet Football Here =>
5 Most Haunted Football Stadiums In The World

Most of the time it’s a house, mansion, castle etc, but not many haunted football stadiums are known to people.

With that we decided to seek out the 5 most creepy haunted football stadiums for you to take a look at.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most creepy haunted football stadiums:

5. Stadium of Light (Sunderland)

Sunderland’s Stadium of Light often named by some the stadium of ghosts, has had several cases of paranormal events documented.

In April of 2005, two backroom staff apparently saw an unusual black entity in the dimly lit stadium, where Irish striker Stephan Elliot also claimed to have witnessed the presence of ghosts in the stadium.

To compound the matters, a grounds man apparently disappeared into thin air and it was caught live during a routine Monday Night Football show on Sky Sports.

What do you think, glitch or ghost?

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