Best, greatest and top Champions League strikers ever in history!

Best, greatest and top Champions League strikers ever in history!

Greatest Champions League strikers

Best Champions League strikers? Top Champions League strikers? Greatest Champions League strikers? Who makes the hall of fame? In another installment of Sillyseason’s Champions League Hall of Fame, today we look at the Top 10 strikers ever to grace the Champions League.

This is the 4th in a series of articles. We’ve already covered the best goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders ever to play in the Champions League, and there are more articles to come!

To qualify for this list, players must have won the rebranded Champions League, introduced in 1993. Their placement on this list does not depend on amount of wins alone, it can be about their performance in the competition or contribution to their team.

Best Champions League strikers

So let’s dive into the list, here are Sillyseason’s best, greatest and top Champions League strikers in history!!

10) Fernando Torres – 1x winner 1x runner up


He’s had his ups and downs in his career, but Fernando Torres has won plenty of honours in his career and made an important contribution to Chelsea’s tournament win in 2012. In the semi final he scored a last-gasp goal at the Nou Camp to put the two-legged tie beyone Barcelona, sending Chelsea to that famous night in Munich.

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